Activision Adds Grind Mode to Modern Warfare

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Grind mode is an old reliable of COD games. It originated in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and featured in other games in the franchise under different names: Stockpile and Fracture. Activision's announcement marks the first time it's been in Modern Warfare, however. It's not yet clear how long Grind will be in the game; it's replacing Drop Zone, which was itself only out for a week. Activision says Grind has "its own set of objectives, rules, and strategies".


Activision says that this mode combines rules from both Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint. In Grind, players can only confirm their kills by collecting the dog tags from fallen players, and running them across to an objective location. This is how points can be scored for their teams. The location moves around the map, so that it should get increasingly harder to reach it and earn points. On the plus side, dog tags are stackable, so you can collect and carry multiple ones before making a run for the objective location. On the down side, if you're killed, you'll drop all of the tags you've got on you, as well as your own. It's a gamble between carrying one and making a lot of trips to the objective, or carrying loads and risking that you might lose them all. You can also pick up the tags of any players on your team who have fallen, and block the enemy team from scoring points.

Activision has some strategies for different playstyles, such as snipers, or players with Assault Rifles or SMGs, who are looking to move fast. The developers say that these playstyles can work well together, with snipers focusing on taking enemies out, and the more agile players scooting across the battlefield to collect and deliver the dog tags from the snipers' targets. The designers also suggest that LMG players hang back to defend the objective, and only move out to collect nearby tags. Grind has three maps: Shoot House, a fast, close-quarters map, Gun Runner, and St. Petrogad, which has a long exposed section with minimal cover.


Activision hasn't given any indication as to how long Grind will be available. It could be up for just a week, like Drop Zone, or else a permanent addition; we'll let you know when there's more information.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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