Resident Evil 3's Hefty File Size Might Be Split Into Two Downloads

By Heidi Nicholas,
The file size for Resident Evil 3 has popped up on the Microsoft Store, and it looks to be twice as big as that of the Resident Evil 2 remake. It also seems as though it'll be split into separate downloads; one for the remake itself, and one for the new Resident Evil Resistance content.

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On the store, the file size is listed as 43.01 GB, compared to the 22.04 GB listed for Resident Evil 2. The page for Resident Evil 3 on the Microsoft Store says that for £49.99 you'll get the single player campaign of Resident Evil 3 itself, with an approximate size of 21.93 GB, and the new multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance — previously called Project Resistance — which has a file size of 20.47 GB. The overall 43.01 GB required for RE3 will therefore be split roughly in half, with separate downloads for the single player campaign and the multiplayer element. That overall file size also includes 620.39 MB for the Classic Costume Pack, which comes with the £49.99 pre-order of RE3 and contains the Jill Classic and Carlos Classic Hair costumes, which have been based on the characters' appearances in the original Resident Evil 3 (1999).

Resident Evil 3 was only announced last month, along with the news that it would come with Resident Evil Resistance. Before then, it had been a little unclear whether Resident Evil Resistance — previously called Project Resistance — would be its own game or not. The reception to it had been decidedly unimpressed, particularly since RE fans had just experienced the masterpiece of the RE2 remake, so it's good to see it come as one part of a new remake. This remake has some big shoes to fill, with RE2 being consistently popular. RE3 takes part around the same time as the events in RE2, and begins the day before. It's about Jill Valentine, who has to escape Raccoon City before she's hunted down by Nemesis. Resident Evil Resistance is entirely new. It's a 4 vs 1 asymmetrical co-op game, where you can either play as one of the four survivors trying to escape an Umbrella facility in Raccoon City, or as the Mastermind setting traps and releasing monsters to hunt them down.

Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3rd this year.

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