Poll: Which December Games Have You Enjoyed the Most?

By Heidi Nicholas,
Now that 2019 is officially over, we can look ahead to a whole new decade of gaming. 2020 looks to be especially exciting, with the next-gen Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles releasing at the end of this year, and some pretty huge titles to look forwards to before then, like Cyberpunk 2077. Now's also a good time to look back over the last month of 2019, and see how those December games fared, before getting ready for what 2002 has to offer. 2019 was a little thin on releases in any case, with a surprising number of titles being delayed from 2019 to this year, or even later. December, too was quite stingy for games, and for this reason, we've included a few pieces of DLC or content updates to flesh out the list even further. We created a poll back at the end of November, asking what you were most looking forward to as you headed into December — Halo Reach won by a landslide — and now we want to know: did that hold true? Were the games you voted for the games you ended up loving as much as you hoped, or was it a completely unexpected title which you ended up enjoying? Was there anything you'd been looking forward to that turned out differently than you'd expected? Anything you'd been planning to pass by, but which ended up sucking up all your time last month? Have a look through a selection of December titles listed below, and let us know!

December Titles

Halo Reach Campaign and Multiplayer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This one was a biggie, and definitely one of the most anticipated events of December. Halo fans had been hoping for Halo Reach's campaign and multiplayer to be added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection for quite some time, and it finally happened on December 3rd last year. This won the last poll by a huge lead — was it everything you'd hoped? Did you spend all December on Halo Reach? Or was it not quite what you'd expected? Let us know!

The Halo franchise is continuing its chronological transition over to the Halo MCC, and the next addition will be Halo: Combat Evolved.

Untitled Goose Game

Indie favourite Untitled Goose Game waddled its way onto Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass on December 17th, to huge excitement. Previously a Nintendo Switch game, Untitled Goose Game, a stealth sandbox, has been highly popular for its addictive and effective premise: you are goose. You must cause as much havoc as possible. You must ruin everyone's day, and make sure everyone's as inconvenienced as they can be. Chase people, steal their slippers, trip them up, ruin their gardens, hide in things, scare them; whatever you want, so long as it's as horrible as possible. This is the goose that beat Link's Awakening to the top spot in the Nintendo Switch's eShop. It was a big deal to learn it was coming to Xbox, and an even bigger deal to find out it was coming to Xbox Game Pass on the same day.

My Friend Pedro

Just as wacky as Goose Game, but in a completely different way; My Friend Pedro is a 2.5D shooter where you follow the whims of a sentient, talking banana. There's not much of a story, because what the banana seemingly wants is for you to shoot at bad guys, and get the best score you can whilst doing so. My Friend Pedro has stackable achievement lists; one for Xbox One and one for Windows 10.

My friend Pedro


Another wacky one we got in December was Wandersong. This is again completely different; it's a musical side-scrolling adventure with a beautiful story and an even more gorgeous art style. You play as a bard, who's far from the typical hero, but whose job it is to save the world. He mostly aims to do this through singing different notes and combinations, which is, luckily for him, highly effective in most of the puzzles he comes across. Wandersong is an emotional story about friendship, bravery, and weirdness. It's my favourite for December, and one of my favourites for the year; it's also on Xbox Game Pass, so it's pretty easy to pick it up and try it out. Less easy is the achievement list which, if you're playing through the game chronologically and with no spoilers, can only be unlocked by stumbling on them as you're playing through: they're all secret. However, if you're just looking for a quick 1,000 Gs, players have discovered a cheat code which lets you get all the achievements in an hour. The cheat code lets you access the scene select, which is normally only available after completing the game, early, so that you can get them all without playing the whole game — although Sam really wishes you wouldn't.

Wandersong Achievements

Arise: A simple story

This is another adventure, with a beautiful art style and a more sober tone. Arise: A simple story
is about memory. It starts with the death of an old man; someone who looks to be important and loved by the crowd gathered around his pyre. He's now in the afterlife, and must journey through his memories, and those of his partner. The details about this were pretty thin before it came out, but it's been pretty well-received since then, and has a score of 4.38 out of five from our community.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey was definitely an ambitious one. It's an open-world evolution game, set 10 million years ago in Neogene period Africa, and tasking you with caring for and evolving an ape clan through the generations. This means learning right from the beginning — how to carry tools, what's safe to eat, what's trying to eat you (everything). It's a game about exploration, expansion, and evolution. It came out on PC first, and after the PC players reported some difficulties with the amped-up difficulty, Panace Digital Games made some modifications so that when Ancestors released on console, it came with new features: new objectives, new tutorials, and new menus.

December DLC

Borderlands 3 DLC: Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot

Given the excitement around the release of Borderlands 3, it was a pretty big event to have the game's first major DLC release in December. Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot is just that: you're recruited by Moxxi for a mad heist of Handsome Jack's cruise ship casino, to help her get revenge on her ex-husband. She wants you to help fight the way through the casino, before cracking the vault and looting it all. What did you think of this DLC?

Return to Jurassic Park DLC for Jurassic World Evolution

Return to Jurassic Park was a much-requested DLC for Jurassic World Evolution. It brought a bunch of new story missions, buildings, and new dinosaurs; including the Pteranodon, which came with its own aviary. Everything's themed after the 1993 movie, and the voice-overs are all done by the original cast. Jurassic World Evolution's had a bit of a wobbly reception: it's a great game, but a lot of players felt it was released with too little in the way of terrain, customisation, and other content. Do you think this DLC improves the game? Are you enjoying it?

Bonus: Buzzy Bees Update for Minecraft

The Buzzy Bees update for Minecraft introduces Bees into the Minecraft universe as a new neutral mob, spawning in bee's nests or oak or birch trees, and anywhere with flowers. Players can breed them, use their pollination to help with farming, and create honeycombs; but they can also attack and swarm the player. The update came with three bee-themed achievements. Granted, this isn't as content-heavy as entire games or DLCs, but the bees are sort of adorable. Were they a highlight of your December?

Buzzy Bees

These are just a few of the December titles and DLCs. What was your favourite?
What was your favourite game or DLC in December?
  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
  • Arise: A simple story
  • Borderlands 3 DLC
  • Demon's Tilt
  • Halo Reach for Halo MCC
  • Jurassic World Evolution DLC
  • Buzzy Bees Update for Minecraft
  • My Friend Pedro
  • Trover Saves the Universe
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Wandersong
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Dawn of Man
  • Other
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