HyperDot Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the HyperDot Achievement list.

There are 26 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 2 of which are secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievements, please use this link).

HyperDot Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
5 Levels Beat 5 Levels 20
25 Levels Beat 25 Levels 35
50 Levels Beat 50 Levels 50
80 Levels Beat 80 Levels 75
100 Levels Beat 100 Levels 100
A True Artist Create a Level in the Level Editor 10
Clean Slate Get 75% in Slate with only Area Small, Area Time Short, and Ice Arena 30
Collector Collect 500 tokens 25
Didn't Know The Ledge Die in Know the Ledge 5
Diminutive Stature Get 100% in Burst with only Area Small, Player Small, and Arena Small 30
Geometric++ Create a level that has at least 3 enemy waves 5
Hard Mode Survive Swarmed with no modifiers for 30 seconds 40
Join the Core Collect 12 Tokens in Gridlock with only Player Slow and Player Small 30
Just a Learning Experience Die 200 times 25
Keeps Going and Going Beat Energized without using a power up 40
Lateral Thinking Survive 25 seconds in Lateral with only Arena Size Small 30
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 40
Normal Mode Survive Classic for 45 Seconds 40
Powered Up Use power ups 300 times 25
Sampling of Wares Collect 35 tokens in Assortment 30
Silver Lining Beat Grim without getting hit 40
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 200
Trifold Survive 33 seconds in Tri with only Player Small, Small Arena, and Dark Arena 30
Wouldn't It Be Cool If… Create a level that has at least 4 modifiers 10
You got this! Die 10 times in a row in one level 10
Traveler Move 50km 25
Dodge everything.
HyperDot is developed by Tribe Games and published by GLITCH, and is part of the ID@Xbox program.
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Written by Rich Stone
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