*Updated* Modern Warfare's next update arrives tomorrow

By Heidi Nicholas,
UPDATE: Senior Communications Manager for Infinity Ward, Ashton Williams, has confirmed that the next big update for Modern Warfare arrives tomorrow, bringing a new crossbow weapon, five additional loadout slots, and more fixes. The full patch notes will apparently also go live tomorrow — we'll keep you posted.

Original story:

There's been a few dribs and drabs of Modern Warfare news, which seem to add up to a picture of what we can expect in the game's future: extra class slots, more tournaments, and no jetpacks for the next MW game. Most of this info comes from the Twitter page of Co-Design Director of Mulitplayer at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot, who's pretty vocal on Twitter, answering fan questions and chatting about the game. Most of their questions were about bug fixes and issues, which Cecot says should soon be fixed:


One player asked about Modern Warfare fixes; particularly killfeeds, to which Cecot replied that the "next big update should have all of the fixes" and that they'll start to push it through this week, although he doesn't have the precise date. Modern Warfare's had its share of bugs and issues, but killfeeds in particular is one problem which players have been waiting to see fixed for some time. From Cecot's comment, it seems we can hope to see this next update fix the killfeeds, and perhaps even more.

Also apparently coming this month are extra class slots, which Cecot says "should launch in January", although again there's no exact date. Another of Cecot's comments implies we could be seeing some more tournaments, too. Tournaments are a pretty popular part of Modern Warfare, and when one player commented about how much they loved Gunfight, and to ask whether there could be more, Cecot replied that they're "not done with tournaments".

Lastly, in what will likely be welcome news to a lot of COD fans, it seems that the next Call of Duty game won't have jetpacks. This comes from Design Director at Treyarch, David Vonderhaar, who flatly replied "NO" to the suggestion that the next COD game bring back jetpacks. "Such short-term memories", he wrote below, referring to the backlash jetpacks received when they were first introduced in previous COD titles. "No. NO", he said to the suggestion. Whilst that's not official confirmation by any means, it is pretty emphatic.

Meanwhile, looking at what's going on right now in Modern Warfare: Activision recently added Grind Mode to the game. Grind first appeared in Call of Duty: Ghost, and brings back rules from Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, where players can only confirm kills by collecting the dog tags from fallen players and bringing them to the objective. It's not yet clear how long Grind will be in the game for; it's replacing Drop Zone, which was itself only out for a week, and Activision haven't said anything about when it might leave. Looking ahead, it seems as though the next update could fix a few of the more lingering bugs. We'll keep you updated.
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