Doom Eternal Release Date, Gameplay Details and Everything Else We Know So Far

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In just a few short months, the Doom Slayer will be making a return in Doom Eternal. id Software's, Doom reboot was a huge success back in 2016, and we're expecting more of the same gore-filled, frenetic, shotgunning action from this years release, along with some new developments that can only add to the carnage the Doom series is famous for. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Story

What is Doom Eternal's release date?

Originally, Doom Eternal was supposed to release on November 22 of 2019. However, id Software announced that the game would be delayed by a few months. id Software said via a tweet: "To make sure we're delivering the best experience — for Doom Eternal to live up to our standards of speed and polish — we've made the decision to extend our launch date by a few months." We now have a release date of March 20, 2020.

What are the Doom Eternal Xbox achievements?

We don't have the Doom Eternal achievements just yet, as soon as we pick them up, we will keep you updated. In the previous Doom achievements list, we had a solid mix of story, cumulative, collectable and multiplayer achievements. We can probably expect more of the same, especially with the new Battlemode multiplayer game mode.

What is Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal is the follow-up to id Software's 2016 Doom, itself a reboot of the 1993 MS-DOS original. It's a first-person shooter where you play as the Doom Slayer, a man who was previously entombed in a sarcophagus and is awoken to repel a demonic invasion on Mars. The events of Doom Eternal are set 8 months after Doom 2016. This time around we are heading to several different locations, including Earth where a demonic invasion has taken hold, the Martian moon Phobos (the first level in the original Doom), new regions of Hell and more unannounced locations. Doom Eternal will also feature twice as many enemies as its predecessor, and we'll be getting some new weapons to kill them with, including an Arm Blade that makes Glory Kills much gorier and entertaining.

DOOM Eternal E3 2019

How Long is Doom Eternal's Campaign?

At QuakeCon 2019, Marty Stratton, executive producer at id Software revealed that the game's campaign would be between 18-22 hours long and that it was longer than Doom 2016's campaign: "It's definitely bigger than Doom 2016, longer. I think the way we're challenging players will probably make it play a bit longer. My guess right now is it's in the 18-22 hour range on a pretty complete playthrough."

One new feature that could potentially extend a playthrough that is coming to Doom Eternal is the "invasion mechanic" which allows other players to invade another player's session as demons to attack and defeat the Doom Slayer. This feature can be turned off, and won't be available at launch, but will be added as part of a free update. It's also unclear if players will have the choice of which demon they can inhabit and just how many can join another player's session.

What Demons will there be to fight in Doom Eternal?

Hugo Martin, creative director at id Software, has said that there will be twice as many Demons in Doom Eternal compared to Doom 2016. Although we aren't sure if this means twice as many new enemy types or just twice as many enemies in general. What we do know however is that specific parts of a Demon can now be targeted by the Doom Slayer — enabling chunks of armour or flesh to be blown off an enemy — which should make dealing with some enemies more tactical, instead of just running and gunning. This also goes for enemies with hulking weapons attached to them. Do enough damage to the Aarachnotron's turret, for example, and it will be disabled, forcing the demon to alter its attacks.

Doom Eternal

As confirmed by various trailers and released gameplay footage, we've seen some of the usual suspects synonymous with the Doom series such as Imps, Mancubuses, Cyberdemons and Pinkies. We've also seen some new enemies like the Pain Elemental (a returning monster from Doom II), the "arch-enemy of the slayer" the Doomhunter and The Marauder, a demon who has a striking resemblance to the Doom Slayer.

Will Doom Eternal have Multiplayer?

Including the Invasion Mode previously mentioned, Doom Eternal will feature multiplayer, but not in the traditional "deathmatch" sense. Instead, we will be getting a new 2v1 mode called Battlemode. In Battlemode, players will control one of five Demons, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. They are then tasked with taking down the player-controlled Doom Slayer. To win a round, the Doom Slayer must kill both Demons before one can respawn, or the Demons have to kill the Doom Slayer. Demon controlled players can lay traps, summon other AI Demons and block health and ammo packs from the Doom Slayer. So far, only three Demons have been revealed including the Revenant, the Pain Elemental and the Mancubus.

The Demon Slayer will be equipped with guns, mods and equipment and will be able to match the single-player Demon Slayer in terms of armaments. Glory killing and using the chainsaw on demons replenishes both health and ammo. Overall, the Demons are outmatched when taking on the Demon Slayer one on one and will need to work together to bring him down. More Demons and maps will come to Battlemode for free after the game launches. Store listings suggest DOOM Eternal will have separate downloads for the multiplayer and the campaign – this may result in separate achievement lists, too.

Will Doom Eternal receive any DLC?

Doom Eternal will be getting two single-player DLC expansions within the first year of its release as announced by Bethesda back in June. We don't have any information on what these two DLC's are just yet, but it will be interesting to see where id Software takes Doom Eternal with these expansions. The only hint we have so far of what is included is in the Microsoft Store description: "Two campaign add-ons featuring new perspectives and new ways to play." A season-pass is included as part of the Doom Eternal Collector's Edition and the Doom Deluxe Edition. The 2016 Doom reboot, didn't receive any single-player DLC.

How much will Doom Eternal Cost?

You have a few options when it comes to Doom Eternal. The Standard Edition will set you back $59.99/£54.99/€69.99. If you pre-order you'll receive the Rip and Tear Pack which includes skins for Battlemode and the Cultist Base Master Level - a remixed version of the campaign level "Cultist Base" with new challenges and surprises and a digital copy of Doom 64 — a cult classic released back in 1997 for the Nintendo 64.

DOOM Eternal Standard Edition

DOOM Eternal Standard Edition

Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.

The only thing they fear... is you.

Pre-order to get DOOM 64 and the Rip and Tear Pack which includes:
● DOOT Revenant Skin
● Cultist Base Master Level
● Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin

You also have the Doom Eternal Deluxe Edtion which comes with a Year One Season Pass including the two campaign DLCs. If you pre-order, you'll get the same Rip and Tear Pack including the copy of Doom 64. The Deluxe Edition retails for $89.99/£79.99/€99.99.

DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition

DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition

Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.

The DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition includes:
● Year One Pass with two campaign add-ons
● Demonic Slayer Skin
● Classic Weapon Sound Pack

Pre-order to get DOOM 64 and the Rip and Tear Pack which includes
● DOOT Revenant Skin
● Cultist Base Master Level
● Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin

Finally, you have the option of purchasing the Doom Eternal Collectors Edition, which includes a wearable Doom Slayer helmet, Lore Book, Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal soundtracks, an exclusive Steelbook case, Lithograph, Year One Pass including the two single-player DLCs, a Demonic Slayer Skin and the Classic Weapons Sound Pack. Pre-ordering again get you the Rip and Tear Pack. The Collector's Edition will set you back $199.99/£199.99.

What is Doom 64?

Doom 64 was initially released back in 1997 on the Nintendo 64. Now Bethesda is re-releasing the classic N64 title for modern consoles with updated graphics. In Doom 64, you'll fight through 30 action-packed levels filled with Demons as you try to stop Hell's invasion. You can get your hands on Doom 64 by pre-ordering any of the Doom Eternal editions or by purchasing it separately when it releases on the same day as Doom Eternal (March 20) as confirmed by the Bethesda forums. We don't have any confirmation on a price for Doom 64 as a standalone. We anticipate a separate DOOM 64 achievements list as well. You can check out the DOOM 64 trailer to see that HD-ification in action.

Doom 64

Will Doom Eternal be Xbox One X Enhanced?

Yes, id Software will be pushing the Xbox One X to its limits with Doom Eternal and will be targeting a 4K resolution at 60 FPS along with HDR support. A previous demo shown at QuakeCon was described as running on "very high-end" PCs, however id executive producer, Marty Stratton said, "Everything you saw [in the demo], that’s pushing the envelope. Our goal will be to make it look like that at 4K on the [PS4] Pro and the Xbox One X, never really sacrificing the 60 frames per second.”

We still have a few months to go until Doom Eternal's release, so it's likely the upcoming months will be filled with news on the game. We will keep you updated with any news we find before Eternal's launch on March 20, 2020.
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