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By The TA Playlist Team,
Welcome back to the all important vote for the TA Playlist. While we finish off the month drinking along with the Devil in Afterparty, we need to make the decision on which game will be played in February 2020’s edition.

Whilst you keep drinking all the hellish cocktails, next month we move our focus to the theme of Bromances. Each of the games looking for your votes this month have what we’d consider an epic bromance. While there are plenty of examples of this throughout games, however we’ve tried our best to narrow it down to these four. We’ve also excluded games that contain main characters that are actual brothers.
With that in mind, help us decide which game will continue the TA Playlist!

Here are your four choices for the month of February:

Gears of War 3

The Best Games on Xbox Game Pass

Marcus and Dom were one of the first bromances we’d decided upon for this list, with Gears of War 3 capturing it best.

Eighteen months after the fall of the last human city, the war against the Locust rages on. Meanwhile, deep beneath the surface, a fearsome new threat is infecting the planet from within. With survivors scattered and civilization in ruins, time is running out for Marcus and his comrades as they fight to save the human race. Can you save it?

The Gears of War 3 Achievements list rewards those dedicated to the grind – Seriously 3.0 has only been attained by 1% of the game's players on TA.

Mass Effect 2

ME2 characters

With Mass Effect 2, the bromance is really up to the way you create your character, however we couldn’t discount the bromance between the male Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian.

As Commander Shepard, you will recruit an elite team of the galaxy’s most dangerous and skilled experts, and lead them on an assault into the most dangerous area of the galaxy - from which you might not return. Is this a suicide mission, or can you prove them wrong?

To finish off the Mass Effect 2 Achievements list players will have to keep an eye on all of their relationships – only a truly dedicated crew will survive.

Saints Row The Third

7/6/11 Random screen 2

Another game that relies on your choice of character design, but the bromance between your character as the leader of the 3rd Street Saints and you right-hand man Johnny Gat leads to some amazingly destructive scenes. The third installment in this series builds on the chaotic humour from the previous game, taking it to new heights (but not quite reaching the superpowers in Saints Row IV) to really show the more comedic side of Saints Row.

Set in the fictional city of Stilwater, a little more than two years after the events of the first game, it’s up to you to lead a new order of Third Street Saints, after merging with the Ultor Corporation conglomerate (antagonists from the previous game), against a variety of rival gangs in a city-wide turf war. Will you conquer the city?

Completionists beware: The Saints Row: The Third Achievements list does include one discontinuation, as characters can no longer be uploaded to the central servers.

A Way Out

A Way Out

The only game in this Playlist to not have originally been released on the Xbox 360, A Way Out is a truly co-operative game, with you having to rely on your partner in crime to help you to escape. You play as either Vincent Moretti or Leo Caruso, two convicted prisoners who must break out of prison and stay on the run from authorities. You have to rely on each other in order to successfully make your escape.

The A Way Out Achievements list does contain some missables during your play through, but a generous chapter select means you can mop up any you missed. It's worth noting that a second player only using the Trial version of the game to play will not unlock any achievements – any achievement-unlocking actions they take won't cause them to be popped for the host, either.

Both A Way Out and Mass Effect 2 are available on EA Access, and both Gears of War 3 and Saints Row The Third is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Finally, once again, we’d like to thank all of the members of the community that continue to support the TA Playlist every month. Thanks to you, the playlist will continue to grow, and we can continue to interact with all of the amazing members on the site. We hope that all of you will participate in the club once again and come to chat with us about your favorite titles. We’ve been working hard to accumulate new ideas to keep the Playlist fresh. And, as per usual, we’re keeping these ideas open to the community, so feel free to share your recommendations via the TA Playlist Hub.

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Which game should the community play for TA Playlist in February 2020?
  • A Way Out25.21% (440)
  • Gears of War 326.48% (462)
  • Mass Effect 225.96% (453)
  • Saints Row: The Third22.35% (390)
We've had 1745 responses.
The TA Playlist Team
Written by The TA Playlist Team
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