Resident Evil 3: Release Date, Pre-Orders and Everything Else We Know So Far

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It's already a phenomenal time to be a fan of the Resident evil series, with Resident Evil 7 revitalising the franchise and the Resident Evil 2 remake of January last year proving to be one of the most well received remakes of all time. Fans were understandably hyped when the remake of Resident Evil 3 was announced for early this year. There's not long to go now until players will be heading back into Raccoon City, so we've rounded up everything we know so far about Resident Evil 3.

What is the release date for the Resident Evil 3 remake?

The Resident Evil 3 remake releases on April 3rd, just weeks before Cyberpunk 2077 releases later that month.

What are the Xbox achievements for Resident Evil 3?

We don't have them yet, but we'll post the Resident Evil 3 achievements here as soon as we've got them.

Resident Evil 3

What is Resident Evil 3?

Resident Evil 3 is a single-player remake of the 1999 survival horror game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It's set in the infamous Raccoon City and features Jill Valentine, a member of the S.T.A.R.S. police force, and her efforts to expose the nefarious goings-on within the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Disappearances have been reported across Raccoon City, and Jill and her team know it's got something to do with Umbrella and their biological weapon, the T-Virus. But Umbrella have Raccoon City in their power, and Jill can't get anyone to listen to her evidence. A "cannibal virus" soon begins to spread through the streets, and the game's survival/horror aspects are about Jill trying to escape the plague, the undead, and the bioweapon hunting her down.

Resident Evil 3 achievements

Aside from being trained for the S.T.A.R.S. force, Jill is also talented at picking locks and dealing with explosives, so these skills will likely feature in the gameplay. It sounds as though she'll have more of a diverse skill set than Resident Evil 2's Leon, who also had police training, although not as specialist as that needed for the S.T.A.R.S. team. A Capcom blog post mentions that there'll be a twist in the timeline, for those players unfamiliar with the original game. It also mentions that, like the Resident Evil 2 remake, Resident Evil 3 will be played from an over-the-shoulder camera perspective.

The blog also says that Jill will have another enemy to avoid as she makes her way through Raccoon City, as Umbrella have also sent out their Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) — a private military organisation. This is on top of the increased difficulty introduced by her pursuer, Nemesis, who's apparently more intelligent than Resident Evil 2's Tyrant, and able to use weapons — including projectiles. In Resident Evil 2, you could keep Tyrant and his insanely-loud boots at bay if you ran fast enough. It sounds as though this will be harder to accomplish with Nemesis. Just like Resident Evil 2, players will need to monitor health, ammo, items, and inventory space. Resident Evil 2 nailed the inventory management feature, making sure players had to double and triple-check their decisions about what to take or leave, and making each new inventory space feel like a real win.


When does Resident Evil 3 take place?

Resident Evil 2 began when Leon and Claire arrived on September 29th, and Resident Evil 3 begins only few days before. Jill also has ties to the first Resident Evil, as she's a survivor of the events of the first game.

How will Resident Evil 3 be different from the original?

A recent interview with Capcom producer, Peter Fabiano, gave details on changes they've made from the original Resident Evil 3. We've gone through it in more detail here, but there are a few key differences. Firstly, there'll be more places to explore; it seems as though areas which were previously inaccessible will now perhaps be open for snooping around in. On the downside, Nemesis will now be able to hunt you down all over the city, and not just in the Raccoon City Police Department. Capcom are making a big focus on improved sound design, which was so masterfully done in the Resi 2 remake. Nemesis is being built with the same technology as was used for the Tyrant AI, and photogrammetry has been utilised for characters and zombies in the game. Even several Capcom employees have apparently been scanned in. A recent Official PlayStation Magazine interview hinted that players may spend more time as secondary protagonist Carlos than in the original. There won't be any multiplayer mode like The Mercenaries, but there will be Resident Evil Resistance: Capcom's new, self-contained multiplayer game.

What happened to Project Resistance?

Project Resistance was the working title for what's now been unveiled as Resident Evil Resistance, an entirely new multiplayer game included with Resident Evil 3.

What is Resident Evil Resistance?

Resident Evil Resistance is an entirely new multiplayer game. It's an asymmetrical 4 vs 1 game set in an Umbrella research facility in which you can either play as the Mastermind or as one member of the group of survivors attempting to escape. The Mastermind character apparently has several to choose from, including Resident Evil 2's Annette Birkin. The survivors are four young people who've been kidnapped by Umbrella, for use in experiments. Each of the four have unique talents. Samuel Jordan, a boxer, has high health, and is best in close combat. January San Vant, a journalist, has hacking abilities. Valerie Harmon, a chemist, is useful for healing team members. Tyrone Henry, who works for the Raccoon City Fire Department, has high defences and is good at close combat. They have to race against a timer to escape. The Mastermind can choose from a deck of cards how best to toy with them. They can place traps, position creatures like Lickers or Cerberus zombie dogs, and place weapons mounted on cameras. They can do all of this from afar, but if you're playing as the Mastermind and want to get more hands-on, you can take direct control of enemies like Tyrant and G Birkin. Resident Evil Resistance will also have an offline story mode, with more of a focus on the narrative.

Project Resistance

Are Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance two different games?

Resident Evil Resistance is a new multiplayer game, included with Resident Evil 3. They are two different games, but they are both included under the title of "Resident Evil 3": when you buy Resident Evil 3, you're also getting Resident Evil Resistance.

What versions of Resident Evil 3 are available to pre-order?

The standard digital edition can currently be ordered from the Microsoft Store for $59.99 and includes Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Resistance, and the Classic Costume Pack, which has the Classic Jill Costume and Classic Carlos hairstyle based on their original Resident Evil 3 appearances. The standard digital edition has a download size of 43.01 GB, according to its listing on the store. The physical standard edition can be pre-ordered for the same price from Best Buy and GameStop. There's also a Collector's Edition, available only from Gamestop, for $179.99. It includes the physical copy of the game, a Jill figure, a hardcover art book, a double-sided poster showing a map of Raccoon City, and a digital double album soundtrack of tracks from Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance.

Resident Evil 3 Collector's Edition

There's still a few months to go before Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3rd, so we'll keep this article updated with each new piece of info.
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