uDraw for 360 Detailed

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
The Xbox 360 hasn't exactly been a vehicle for artistic creativity. THQ looks to fix this problem by releasing its popular drawing tablet and game, uDraw, for the 360.

As a part of the "HD-capable" uDraw, the tablet has got a complete overhaul. The 360 tablets will have a "sleek, contemporary" design as well as console controls integrated directly into the tablet. Additionally, THQ explains that the new tablets will have "enhanced capabilities" such as "high-definition art creation and gameplay; a stylus with greater sensitivity for more detailed results; motion features; longer drawing time; plus direct touch-screen control that incorporates pinch-and-stretch and rotation features."
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To coincide with the release of the tablets is new software named uDraw Studio: Instant Artist. The brand new software provides "expansive guided tutorials to teach many of the basics of art and design, as well as a more intuitive interface that keeps art tools right on screen at all times."
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As uDraw is a device and not a standalone game, THQ plans to release several games made specifically for the tablet. Currently in production is "a number of new uDraw titles planned for the next six months." Among those new games is Pictionary, which will include new capabilities and new clues not included in the Wii version.

uDraw is set to release sometime in November.