Season Pass Holders Can Play The Surge 2's Kraken DLC Early

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Surge 2's new story DLC, The Kraken, releases next week in January 16th. Those players with Season Passes will get access 48 hours before, and can start it up on January 14th. The Kraken DLC was the last item shown in The Surge 2's most recent roadmap of future content, so perhaps once The Kraken has released, we'll get a new schedule of the next content to arrive for the game. So far, there's been new weapons and gear sets introduced, but The Kraken is the game's first story DLC.

The teaser trailer has a creepy retro-futuristic vibe, showing off the new location for the DLC: an aircraft carrier on the edge of Jericho City, which had been turned into a retreat for the rich. The billboard at the beginning of the trailer lists this place as "VBS Krakow", a place to "forget the difficulties of the present and...go on a vacation to the past". We haven't had much detail on what will be involved yet, but the the description says players will be going up against robot pirates, security systems, and a new boss, all of which will have different combat mechanics. The security system could be the one shown on that billboard, which says that VBS Krakow would be under the protection of Cain Security. Along with a new narrative, there'll be new weapons, implants, and armour.

The Season Pass is currently at $19.99/£15.74, and along with access 48 hours early to The Kraken, includes the Future Shock Weapon Pack, BORAX-I Quantam Mace, Public Enemy Weapon Pack, JCPD Gear Pack, and Jericho's Legacy Gear Pack, for a total of 18 weapons, four armour sets, and four implants. The Kraken releases next week, on January 16th, or January 14th for Season Pass holders.

The Surge 2 - Season Pass
The Surge 2 - Season Pass

Save money on content for this game by purchasing the Season Pass. The Surge 2 Season Pass will grant you access to a total of four DLCs, including a brand-new storyline DLC.

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