The Sims 4 Joins the Tiny Living Trend Next Month

By Heidi Nicholas,
The tiny living trend has been around for a while now, and it seems The Sims 4, which usually embraces lavish living and giant mansions, will instead be taking up the tiny lifestyle next month via the Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack. The pack comes with new furniture, a new challenge for players to earn bonuses by packing their Sims and their considerable amount of stuff into 100 tiles, and new CAS items to make sure their Sims are living the tiny life right. The Tiny Living Stuff Pack comes out on January 21st for PC, and February 4th for Xbox One.

The new residential lot type, Tiny Home Residential, asks players to fit their new home into 100 tiles. Whilst this is a considerable reduction in size, it does mean there's a lot more room for garden design. To help with the reduced space, there'll be new furniture: the Murphy foldaway bed, which seems to come with the risk of trapping your Sims, and a bookshelf/stereo/TV combo object. There's also going to be new CAS items included, which mostly seems to include a lot of knitwear and cashmere, but also items such as a dress-shirt or turtleneck to ensure your Sims look suitably casual.

Tiny Living

EA don't say how much the Tiny Living Stuff Pack will cost, but considering their other Stuff Packs usually cost £9.99 (or £8.99 with EA Access) this one will most likely be around the same price. Tiny living in the Sims will apparently come with a number of benefits, including reduced bills, relationship gain, and a comfort bonus. The challenge will be fitting everything into 100 tiles, arranging it in such a way that your Sims can reach everything, and trying to make sure they don't get killed by the Murphy foldaway bed.

Tiny Living

The Tiny Living Stuff Pack releases on January 21st for PC and February 4th for Xbox One.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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