Xbox Game Pass Game Wargroove Gets Free DLC on February 6th

By Sam Quirke,
Wargroove, an Advance Wars style top-down strategy title currently included in the Xbox Game Pass games list, is getting free DLC next month. We have reached out to confirm whether or not this update will expand on the current Wargroove Achievements list – if it does, we can anticipate some multiplayer achievements given that Double Trouble focuses on a brand new co-op campaign, available locally and online.

Double Trouble's story campaign introduces new Outlaw Commanders Wulfar, Errol and Orla as well as the maleficent Vesper, and features a daring heist. The campaign can be played solo, online in co-op or in local couch co-op. The update brings two new units, the Thieves and the Riflemen.

Thieves are extra sneaky units with low strength, so they need to be supported – but doing so will allow them to nab up to 300 gold from enemy buildings and 1000 if they pull off a heist at the enemy's Stronghold. Riflemen have powerful precise shots but limited ammo, so players will need to pick their targets carefully to avoid reloading out in the open. They are more likely to land critical hits on their last shot.

Double Trouble also brings new Arcade missions and competitive online Quick Play maps, which will feature some of the community's best maps as voted on by the "Groove of War" team. Players will be able to enter Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies , and play custom campaigns online. There's a brand new Volcano themed map to play with, and more custom Editor tools.

These Editor tools allow players to get even more granular with their custom campaigns, inlcuding modifying the damage that any unit or structure takes – all the way up to invulnerability. "Gizmos" are map assets which can be triggered "on" or "off" (a lever, an openable chest) – editors can place these in the map and control the method by which they are switched. And of course, with the introduction of the Volcano map, the Editor will be updated with lava-based biome materials. The update will also bring cost and effectiveness balance changes to a bunch of units – check the developer blog post for all the details.

Wargroove: Double Trouble arrives for free for all owners (including Xbox Game Pass subscribers) on February 6th 2020.

Thanks to Shinnizle for this news suggestion.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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