GAME Intends to Close 40 Stores Across the UK

By Sean Carey,
GAME is set to close 40 stores throughout the UK, with a total of 27 outlets already being served notice. 14 locations were previously informed of the decision with another 13 more being served notice yesterday. The retailer says it is facing a "challenging retail market" and is asking landlords for "realistic, fair rents."


Some of the GAME stores that have already informed about their pending closure include Mansfield, Canterbury, Watford, Glasgow Fort, Derby, Norwich Chapelfield, Lakeside, Bexleyheath and Carmarthen. The retailer says further stores will be informed in the "near future." GAME operates around 300 stores in the UK and also has additional locations in Spain.

A spokesperson from GAME said, "We are working closely with landlords throughout the UK to ensure that we do not have to vacate the 40 locations which could lead to a number of job losses. However, we are facing a challenging retail market and GAME with its extensive retail footprint, needs to restructure and landlords need to work with us in setting realistic, fair rents."

Although GAME's overall revenue fell 4.7 per cent from £492.9 million for the half-year up until January 2019, GAME still made a pre-tax profit of £14.8 million — a rise of 20 per cent. In the report, GAME's parent company, Sports Direct, believed that digital gaming and game streaming would severely affect physical game retailers.

"The structural and escalating shift to digital gaming and game streaming will have a significant impact on physical games retailers. The retail market is littered with examples of businesses that failed to adapt quickly enough to changing consumer demands. Sports Direct believes that GAME needs to diversify and future-proof its product mix if it is to keep up with technological developments and ensure that it does not become irrelevant to customers."
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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