It Seems There'll Be Quite a Few Changes in Resident Evil 3

By Heidi Nicholas,
Editor's note: An earlier version of this article implied that Carlos was going to be playable for the first time, when in fact he was playable for a short section in the original RE3. The OPM interview actually just hints that Carlos may play a larger role as a playable character. We apologise for the error.

The Official PlayStation magazine has a new interview with Capcom producer Peter Fabiano, in which he gives the first look at changes they'll be making in Resident Evil 3, their remake of the 1999 original. Reddit user wolfiepl has rounded up some of the key points of the interview, whilst original poster Mates20970 included pictures of the interview in the magazine.


The first key change is that whilst Resident Evil 3 won't be open world, it will have more areas open to exploration than in the original title; perhaps so that places which were previously inaccessible will now be available for players to go in and snoop around. This also opens up new possibilities for jump scares and run-ins with enemies, as even those who played the original now won't be able to plan for encounters in these newly accessible areas. There'll also be adjustments to gameplay, although Fabiano doesn't go into too much detail. He does mention that there's a big focus on the sound design. "Sound is very important, especially in horror games," he says, "and we are always working to ensure that sound design adds to that feeling of tension". He also mentions that they'll be using similar techniques from Resident Evil 2 when it comes to sound design, as well as a number of the same sound designers. Sound design was masterfully done in the Resi 2 remake. The Tyrant's terrifyingly loud footsteps, the sound of unknown enemies around the corner, and even Leon's own ridiculously ragged breathing, which always sounded too close to a zombie for comfort, all added to the tension in the game. The lighting, too; things like the shadow of a lamp somehow bent into the shape of a person, so you could never be too sure what you were seeing, all went towards raising your heart rate by a considerable amount. Resi 3 will be more focused on action than Resi 2, but it looks as though the sound design is still going to be stepped up even more, especially to make sure Nemesis is as terrifying as he can be.

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Speaking of Nemesis, it seems as though he's been built using the same technology as was implemented for the Tyrant AI in Resi 2. What's more, unlike the original, he'll now be able to hunt you outside of the Raccoon City Police Department, and in the city. Again, this means it's going to be difficult to predict where you'll find him — although if it's true Capcom are bent on improving the sound design, you'll likely hear him first. Capcom are also utilising photogrammetry in their game to allow "actors to bring the characters and their expressions more to life" and to "build out Nemesis and make sure he felt just as terrifying as in the original". It seems that some of the zombies in the game are individually created, and even a few of the Capcom employees have been scanned into it. There'll be a few minor changes to other characters; Jill, for instance, will have a redesigned outfit to allow for better practicality.

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There won't be any multiplayer mode similar to the original's The Mercenaries. Capcom are mitigating this with the inclusion of Resident Evil Resistance, their new, self-contained multiplayer game. We've gone through it in more detail here, although this was when it was operating under the name "Project Resistance". Previously, all we knew about it was that it was a new multiplayer game, although Fabiano has now hinted it can fit alongside the events of both Resi 2 and Resi 3. The two remakes will also apparently be more interconnected than before, although Fabiano doesn't elaborate on this too much. Another change hinted at in the OPM interview is that Carlos Oliveira may have a larger role as a playable character, with Fabiano commenting that he'll "have his own interesting section to play through". Lastly, it seems there will no longer be multiple endings. Fabiano doesn't go into detail on this at all, but considering that Capcom are clearly trying to add to the remake more than they're taking away, it'll be interesting to see what they'll put in place of this.

There's not long to go now until Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3rd.
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