The Long Dark Could be Coming to Xbox Game Pass

By Sean Carey,
It seems that The Long Dark could be making its way into Xbox Game Pass, as seemingly leaked by Microsoft via an Xbox Game Pass Microsoft Rewards Quest.

The Long Dark Xbox Game Pass Quest

The game has appeared in this months Game Pass "Play new games and earn points" Rewards Quest. The Quest requires you to earn an achievement from a list of games that have all been recently added to Xbox Game Pass — for your trouble; you'll earn 100 Microsoft Reward Points. If you go to the quest on an Xbox console via the Rewards app, you can check to see what games are eligible. Here you'll see several other recent additions such as The Division, Pathologic 2, My Friend Pedro and a bunch of other titles that have made it into the subscription service. The Long Dark is now listed too; however, Microsoft is yet to announce its addition to Game Pass and we haven't picked anything up on our scanners just yet. The Long Dark is also showing as available to buy with its price displayed instead of the usual "Included with Game Pass" tagline that the other games feature. Strangely, the game is not included in the same Quest on the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

It's possible that The Long Dark has been added by mistake, or that the game is coming to Game Pass at some point this month, and that it will be eligible for the Quest. At the moment, we don't know for sure until Microsoft officially announces its inclusion.

The Long Dark is an atmospheric, open-world survival game that pits you against the harsh Canadian wilderness. The game's campaign is episodic, and as it stands, a total of three out of five episodes have been released. Generally, episodic games tend to be short in duration; The Long Dark will have you busy for tens of hours per episode. That's before you even mention the game's open-ended Survival Mode and goal-orientated Challenge Mode. The game currently sits with a 4.29/5 rating here on TA and should not be overlooked. The gameplay is both tough and rewarding and is a game that truly captures the feeling of being stranded alone in a freezing wasteland. Personally, The Long Dark is one of my favourite game's, and I'm always looking for an excuse to play it. Looking at The Long Dark's achievements — they are harsh and unforgiving, much like the game and the Canadian wilderness itself — only the most dedicated will be getting a completion on this one.

If we hear of anything official we will be sure to update you.

Thanks to KingTJ 1126 for the news tip.
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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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