Today Is Your Last Chance to Sign Up For Fallout 76's Wastelanders PC Private Play Test

By Heidi Nicholas,
Fallout 76 has experienced its fair share of backlash since its release in 2018: bugs, lack of depth, crashes, Atom Shop items, and the immensely negative reaction to Fallout 1st, its premium subscription service, which turned out to be broken as soon as it was launched. The upcoming Wastelanders looks to add a lot of features that Fallout 76 desperately needs: human NPCs, choices and consequences, and a new main quest. Bethesda has put out a call for PC players to try out Wastelanders, and today's the last chance to sign up — the opt-in period ends today at 6pm ET.


A few notes: the Private Test Server for Wastelanders is only for PC. They're only looking for a few hundred players at the moment, and those who are selected will be asked to fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) — you won't be permitted to share, stream or record anything about Wastelanders, or discuss it with anyone. Bethesda emphasise that it's a Wastelanders build which is still in development, so playtesters will encounter bugs and issues; they hope that you provide reports and feedback so they can deal with these. Whilst any progress will be saved in the Private Test Server, so you can pick up where you left off each time you return, this won't carry over to the live version of Wastelanders when it releases in full. The testing will start at the end of this week, on January 17th.


Human NPCs are probably the biggest change which will be introduced with Wastelanders. Bethesda say that Year one of Fallout 76 was to do with opening Vault 76 and settling the Wasteland, but that Year two is about people coming back to Appalachia, to settle down and rebuild. There'll be different factions, like the Raiders and Settlers, who'll each have different companions, stories, weapons, and armour. There'll also be a choice and consequence system, along with a new main quest and dialogue trees. Wastelanders was originally intended to release last fall, but was delayed to give Bethesda more time with it. It seems likely we won't hear any more about it until the PC playtesting is over — and Bethesda don't say when that will be, just that they'll "bring the PTS offline at a later date".

You can sign up until 6pm ET today.

(Source: Gaming Bolt)
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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