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By Sean Carey,
DC Universe Online has only been on Xbox for about three years now, but it has been available to play on PC for nine. And to celebrate its 9th anniversary, DayBreak Games is giving away a free Character Advance for all players alongside its Attack of the Anti-Monitor event.

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According to several community members who let us know about this event, the Character Advance will boost you to CR255, boosting your character to level 30. It can be used either on an existing character or brand a new one. This will make it very simple to unlock a few achievements. One will unlock for reaching level 10 depending on the role you've chosen for you character, another for reaching level 20 in a specific mode and a further achievement for reaching level 30 as a hero mentored by a designated character. (Some DC Universe Online achievement guides mention that the achievements don't always unlock straight away; try logging out and in again after meeting the requirements to fix it.)

Also, the Character Advance comes with some starter items, for those of you who wish to use it with a new hero, and the new Hera's Strength 2020 suit, with the "player-requested" open helmet. To claim your free character advance, you'll need to log in between now and January 31; you can either use the Advance straight away or save it for later.

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If you're a member of DC Universe Online, you'll also receive some extra gifts. All members have to do is log in to claim a special Member Appreciation Gift Box. Inside, you'll find the Member Gift Artifact Cache, Artifact Catalysts, XP, and Seals and the full set of all-new Royal Chroma Materials. Each colour comes as a set of three variants, so in total, you'll be receiving 21 variants. To claim this gift, members will need to log in between now and January 31.

Open Episodes are also making a comeback. Players can now play through all Episodes up until Episode 35 (now with increased loot lockout times). Open Episodes will run until February 7, 2020, and excludes Metal Part II.

Source: DC Universe Online

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