PUBG's New Karakin Map Features Destructible Buildings

By Sean Carey,
The sixth season for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is almost upon us and with it brings a new map and some changes to the battle royale with Update 6.1, coming to consoles on January 30.

As detailed in the Update 6.1 patch notes a new 64-player map titled Karakin will be added to the game. The map is smallest yet to come to PUBG with its 2x2km size. It is an island set off the coast of Nothern Africa and features an arid, rocky environment with wide-open terrain that will provide challenging engagements. The patch notes describe the map as, "Small, fast, and dangerous: Expect the tension of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok."

One significant new feature that is coming to Karakin is the introduction of a new hazard called the Black Zone, which will level buildings down to the ground. The Black Zone is designed to push players out of buildings to stop them from camping and is entirely random — towns/compounds can be undamaged, totally flattened or just partially damaged. A siren will sound before the impending bombardment and will be displayed by a purple zone on the mini-map, so if you find yourself inside of it — get out quick.


Sticking with destructible environments, Sticky Bombs are being introduced. These can be placed on certain walls and floors, making new breach entry points into buildings and providing attacking squads with a different tactical choice. Bullet penetration is also being enabled on the weakest walls in Karakin.

A new vehicle called the Motor Glider is also coming to Erangel and Miramar and allows up to two players to take to the skies. There is no maximum altitude that can be reached, however, the engine will lose power at higher altitudes, and fuel consumption is tied to engine speed.

The map Vikendi will also be taken out of rotation for Karakin and will be unplayable for a period of time while the development team revamp and change the map. The map can still be accessed via custom matches.

Update 6.1 for PUBG comes to consoles on January 30.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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