A Plague Tale: Innocence and Gris are coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC

By Heidi Nicholas,
We found out earlier today that Children of Morta is now available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Microsoft have now announced that Children of Morta will soon be joined on Xbox Game Pass for PC by A Plague: Tale Innocence and Gris.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

As of yet, they haven't said when the other two titles will arrive on the service; just that they're "coming soon". Both are solid additions to Xbox Game Pass for PC. Plague Tale, which came out in May last year, was very well received, and although it seemed to fly under the radar somewhat, it was highly-rated by players and critics alike. It currently has a community rating of 4.65 out of 5 on our site. It's a dark stealth game set in medieval France. The country is overrun by rats, plague, and the forces of the Inquisition. In the midst of all this are orphans Amicia and Hugo De Rune. Amicia's little brother Hugo suffers from a strange illness, and the Inquistion seem to be looking for him in particular. The game is dark, both in tone and in reality. In the trailers, Amicia seems to be armed primarily with the light of a torch — the rats are everywhere, and the second the light goes away, they can form a horde and swarm their unsuspecting victims. The game's made up of a mixture of adventure, puzzle solving, deadly combat, and stealth. It's a good time for it to hit Xbox Game Pass for PC, as it's rumoured there could be A Plague Tale 2 already in development.

PLague Tale

Gris seems to be a lot calmer. The game's site says it's a "serene and evocative experience, free of danger, frustration or death." Players play as the titular Gris, who makes her way through her world with puzzles, platforming, and optional skill-based challenges, as she gains new abilities. It's about her journey through sorrow, and her efforts to deal with past trauma. It's being published as an ID@Xbox game, so it's possible it may come with achievements.


We'll update you as soon as we know when these titles will be arriving to Xbox Game Pass for PC.
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