Rocket League celebrates the Lunar New Year with A free arena next week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Starting next week, Rocket League will be celebrating the Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival with its Lucky Lanterns event. There'll be a new free arena, new items in the Event Store and Item Shop, and a free player banner. The event starts next week, on January 20th at 10am PST/6pm UTC, and ends on February 10th at 10am PST/6pm UTC.

The new free arena is named the Forbidden Temple, and it's set in a stadium surrounded by mountains and blossom trees. It seems that scoring goals in the Forbidden Temple will also now be celebrated with an explosion of lanterns. To go along with the event and the new arena, there'll be new themed items in the Event Store and Item Shop. Players will have three weeks to play matches and earn Red Envelopes, which can then be used for rewards. The first of these is free: the Goodbye Nian Player Banner. The rest can be earned as follows:

  • Celebration Kite, Antenna, 50 Red Envelopes
  • Paper Dragon, Antenna, 50 Red Envelopes
  • Lantern Fest, Topper, 75 Red Envelopes
  • Paper Dragon, Topper, 75 Red Envelopes
  • Richie Rat, Topper, 75 Red Envelopes
  • Ruckus, Trail, 75 Red Envelopes
  • Rat Racer, Player Title, 75 Red Envelopes
  • Spring Pagoda, Avatar Border 100 Red Envelopes
  • Dragon, Octane Decal, 100 Red Envelopes
  • Yao Jing, Dominus Decal, 100 Red Envelopes
  • Yao Jing, Breakout Decal, 100 Red Envelopes
  • Red Envelopes, Boost, 120 Red Envelopes
  • Fortune, Wheels, 150 Red Envelopes
Lucky Lanterns

There'll also be limited-time Golden Lanterns, which will unlock items from Champions Series 1, 2, and 3. The Lucky Lanterns event will run from January 20th at 10am PST/6pm UTC until February 10th at 10am PST/6pm UTC.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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