Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Heart of Skyrim kicks off with Harrowstorm

By Heidi Nicholas,
Like last year's Season of the Dragon, this year's The Dark Heart of Skyrim will be a year-long adventure for The Elder Scrolls Online, made up of four interconnecting DLCs spread out across 2020. The first will be Harrowstorm, followed by Greymoor on June 2nd for Xbox, and May 18th for PC.

There seems to be a little dispute on the game's own site about when Harrowstorm will be releasing; one page says February, but most say March. March seems most likely, as the four parts of The Dark Heart of Skyrim will then be spread out to release every three months exactly. Greymoor will follow in June, with two more unknown DLCs coming in August and November. It's worth pointing out that all except Greymoor are DLCs; Greymoor itself is the full expansion which will introduce the new regions of Skyrim into the game. Harrowstorm is a dungeon DLC pack, which will have prologue quests to help set up The Dark Heart of Skyrim before the full Greymoor expansion arrives in June. In Harrowstorm, players will descend into the Unhallowed Grave in Bangkorai, which is crawling with grave robbers. There's also a supernatural storm around Icereach, being caused by some sort of ritual by the Icereach Coven. Players will have to reach their hidden home in the Sea of Ghosts and cross the icy, windswept ruins to stop them and their ritual. Harrowstorm will have new gear sets, achievements, and collectables.


Greymoor will arrive on June 2nd. The Dark Heart of Skyrim is a story told across a whole year. The DLCs and chapters aren't individual, closed-off stories, but interconnected, so that The Dark Heart of Skyrim's story is made up of all four updates tied together. Harrowstorm's got prologue quests, but Greymoor is the big chapter of The Dark Heart of Skyrim; it introduces the new regions and is where everything really begins. In it, you'll be trying to bring down a Vampire Lord before he takes over Tamriel with the monsters he's raising from the depths of Blackreach. It's set across Western Skyrim; including Solitude and Blackreach. In the global reveal of The Dark Heart of Skyrim, Rich Lambert, the Creative Director of Zenimax Online Studios, said that there'd be both familiar and new parts of Skyrim to explore. Because it's set almost 1000 years before TES V, he said it'll be like you're exploring Skyrim in new ways. Lambert also said that in general, they split the areas up into three biomes; and that this one will have the ice and snow of Northern Skyrim in Solitude, along with areas of rolling hills and tundra. Greymoor will introduce a new Antiquities System, where players can scry to find artefacts across Tamriel, and excavate them to learn more about its history, eventually becoming a famous Archaeologist. The relics themselves can come with collectibles like furnishings and mementos. They're also not limited to the Greymoor zone. The Greymoor zone has a main story, side quests, world bosses, a new PvE trial, new world events, new delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests, six armour sets, collectables, Achievements, items, and more.. The new 12-player PvE trial is Kyne's Aegis, where players have to protect the villagers from Sea Giants, raiders, and three bosses. Harrowstorms are the new world event, and anybody caught in one will have the life drained out of them until they're twisted into zombies.


Greymoor can be pre-purchased now, and there's different pre-order and pre-purchase versions with different bonuses. Pre-purchasing immediately gets you the Holdbreaker Warhorse, and the Jarl Finery, Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth pet, Nightfall Preview Crown Crate, Western Skyrim Treasure Maps, Jarl Crown, and two XP scrolls at launch. Pre-ordering the Physical Collector's Edition (which only includes Greymoor) gets you the digital items of the Death Hound pet, Orb of Magnus, Crypt Warden Death Hound, Swordthane, and the Syrim emote pack, which includes everything you'd need in Skyrim: Arrow to the Knee, Missing Sweetroll, and Ragnar the Red. It also gets you the physical items of the Vampire Lord Statue, a Set of Four Collector's Coins, the Exclusive Steelbook, a Map of Western Skyrim, and one month of ESO Plus. There are also several other versions to choose from, depending on whether you're new to the game or not.
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There'll be two more DLCs in August and November. We'll update you when we have more details.
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