Would you play The Division 2 if it came to Xbox Game Pass?

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Division's had a pretty erratic record on Xbox Game Pass. Just recently, it joined the service in June 2018, before leaving in January last year. It came back to in December, and now we've learned that The Division will be leaving Xbox Game Pass again, most likely by the end of this month. That would have put its most recent period on the service as only around a month. There's likely a number of reasons why it's being removed so quickly; and one of them could be that it's preparing to be replaced on Xbox Game Pass by The Division 2. As if to reinforce this idea, the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Twitter accounts had a joking response to a Tweet from The Division 2's Twitter account, about how the Xbox Mixer channel would be streaming The Division 2.

Xbox replied, "Are you locked and loaded? Because we are." The Xbox Game Pass account jumped in, saying, "We're ready". It could just be a friendly interaction, but given that the last time The Division was in Xbox Game Pass, it was in the service for well over a year, and is now being taken off after just one month; it could be the perfect time to put The Division 2 on instead.

We want to know — would you play The Division 2 if it came to Xbox Game Pass?
Would you play The Division 2 if it comes to Xbox Game Pass?
  • Yes50.73% (1013)
  • No49.27% (984)
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Written by Heidi Nicholas
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