PSA: We're working through our scanner backlog due to unprecedented new registrations

By Rich Stone,
Yesterday afternoon we released our #MyDecadeOnXbox feature - a cool shareable summary of your xbox gaming throughout the 2010s.

Everyone seemed to think it was pretty great, and it started gaining some momentum on the social platforms.

Then, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, tweeted out:

And then things started to get a little crazy!

We wrote the decade summary so that you could log in via xbox if you didn't have a TA account, and we'd scan your profile and then build your summary infographic as soon as you'd been scanned.

However, the volume of people trying to register overwhelmed the profile calls we make to xbox live to get your Gamertag information on the registration page, and they got rate limited. This meant that lots of people were unable to register (we were showing "cannot find your gamertag" errors to them). And those that did were often hitting the decade page before they'd been completely scanned, which caused bad charts to be made.

Then #MyDecadeOnXbox started trending on Twitter:

Look, Mum, I done a trend!Look, Mum, I done a trend!

(note the time and my poor phone battery!)

Between 11pm and 1am UK time over 50,000 people tried to register on TrueAchievements.

That's around the number we normally have registering each year. In two hours. That has led to some issues...

This morning I've been trying to mitigate a lot of these issues - we've got a message on the decade page to warn if you've not been scanned yet. We're (mostly) handling the profile call issues now, but that's meant we are pushing through around 2,500 registrations an hour. Full profile scans can take upwards of a minute depending on how many games you've played, so we have had to increase the number of scanners from 7 to 30. Unfortunately the scan queues are still growing! And things will only get more hectic when the US starts to wake up again....

So I currently am working on adding more scanners and some additional fixes to try not to hit the xbox profile calls quite so much.

In the mean time, it's highly likely that if you are on a regular scanner you may not get scanned today, even if you request a scan. New users always take precedence over existing users so we can get their data in as quickly as possible as the site doesn't really function for you until we have your profile scanned in. I want to apologise for this and we probably should have done better to anticipate some of these issues.

Note: Pro account holders are not affected by these issues as they are on their own scanners.

I'll be working through the rest of the weekend to try to keep things ticking over as best I can - thank you for your patience in the mean time.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements. Writes site news and still finds time for the odd game here and there. Loves Racing games and Shooters, yet to be convinced that any RPG is worth the time investment!