Capcom's roadmap for Iceborne begins with the Grand Appreciation Fest this week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Capcom's roadmap for the first half of 2020 in Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne shows that while there's different content planned for console and PC in the next four months, Capcom has a plan to start syncing up content in April. This will be followed up by the return of a fan-favourite monster.

Roadmap for first half of 2020

The information Capcom shared in their roadmap above is more detailed on their site. Starting this week on January 24th, for both console and PC, are the Appreciation Fest in Astera and the Grand Appreciation Fest in Seliana. Both will have event quests to complete for materials for crafting weapons and new layered armour. These events will end on February 13th. Then, on console, in February there'll be Special Event Quests, which will feature a high encounter rate for gold crown monsters, as well as an increased drop rate for decoration rewards, and higher master rank point gains. Gold crowns in Monster Hunter are rewarded for defeating extremely large monsters. As community member Fooga pointed out, the increased chance of encountering gold crown monsters will be a great opportunity for those grinding their way through all of the Monster Hunter: World achievement list, as it'll help towards three achievements related to gold crown monsters: the Giant Crown achievement for getting your first giant crown in your hunting log, the Giant Crown Collector achievement for getting a giant crown for ten or more monsters, and the big one: the Giant Crown Master achievement, for getting a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log. This last is worth 1,067 TA purely because of the difficulty in completing it, so this increased encounter rate in February would definitely be a good chance to go after one or all of them.

Monster Hunter: WorldGiant Crown MasterThe Giant Crown Master achievement in Monster Hunter: World worth 1115 pointsObtain a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.

Meanwhile, PC monster hunters will be getting Rajang and the Guiding Lands Volcanic Region as part of Title Update 1 in February. There'll also be a limited time Raccoon City Collaboration, and the Holiday Joy Fest. In March, console gamers will be getting 2X variant monsters, whilst PC monster hunters will be getting Stygian Zinogre, Safi'jiiva, and the Guiding Lands Tundra Region as part of Title Update 2. Then in April, for consoles there'll be new arch-tempered versions of monsters already in the game, and the Astera/Seliana Fest. Capcom's sync of content for consoles and PC will also start in April, so alongside 2X variant monsters, PC gamers will also be getting the same April content as came to consoles. Then, in May, all players will be getting the "return of a fan-favourite monster", followed by new monsters and updates for June onward.

First half of 2020 roadmap

In other Monster Hunter news, Capcom announced only last week that Monster Hunter: World has shopped over 15 million units, with Iceborne shipping over 4 million. The Monster Hunter series is Capcom's second biggest, and it looks as though they're ready to expound upon this success with a Monster Hunter movie and attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

We'll keep you updated with the Monster Hunter roadmap.

(Thanks, Fooga)
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