PC Beta testing for Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary could start next month

By Heidi Nicholas,
Now that Halo Reach is beginning to settle in, 343 Industries are turning their attention to testing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Their latest forum post says that if all goes as well with test "flighting" in January, they should be expanding the tests to Halo Insiders in February.

Halo MCC 4/21/15 Relic Screen 3

"Flighting" us 343's term for testing. They say that their goal is to begin flighting in Rings 1 and 2 by the end of January, and if that's all successful, to carry on flights with Ring 3 in February. These "Rings" are the different groups 343 use to test each flighting build, validate it, and locate issues before it moves to the next level of testing. 343 have outlined their Rings in greater detail here. There are four in total: Ring 0 consists only of internal studio members; a combination made up of the 343 Publishing Team and Pro Team, along with developers. This means that if there are any bugs found at this stage, the test build doesn't move on to the next ring, and doesn't leave the studio. Ring 1 is external partners, Ring 2 seems to be a greater selection of external partners, and Ring 3 is Halo Insiders. Before it reaches Ring 3, the flight can be sent back to Ring 0 if the bugs are deemed serious enough. So before a build can make it to Insiders, it has to successfully pass the previous three Rings.

343 says that their goal of flighting for Rings 1 and 2 in January could be delayed, since some team members who participate in flighting are needed to help fix and test a new build for Halo Wars 2 on PC, which is currently having issues for keyboard and mouse players. For the PC flight for Halo CE, 343 want to gather feedback on a range of different content. They say that "These areas are focused into the following gameplay elements which will include validating dedicated servers, peer-to-peer connections, crossplay between Steam and Windows version, new UI for customization in H:CE, and the next season’s progression for H:CE." The core content they want to get feedback on is for single player and co-op campaign, multiplayer, customisation, and progression. To have a chance of being involved with flighting for Halo CE, players need to have their Halo Insider profile up-to-date, have a verified email, have allowed 343 to contact them, have chosen to opt in for PC flighting, and have the latest DXDIAG uploaded to their profile.

We'll update you when 343 have decided the dates and content for the PC flighting of Halo: Combat Evolved.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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