The Kantus villain arrives in Gears 5 today with the new Title Update

By Heidi Nicholas,
Title Update 4 goes live in Gears 5 today. There's a new villain, the Kantus, a new versus event, a new hive, Gnasher improvements, the Lunar New Year Versus Event, and all the notes from the title update.

What's Up

The Kantus is the fifth and last Operation 2 character. It won't be arriving straight away today; as usual, there's a two hour wait between the title update going out and the appearance of the new content it was introducing, but there's a second live update needed to make the Kantus available for Iron purchases. So, Title Update 4 goes out today at 10am PT, and after Live Update 1 goes out between 12:30pm to 1pm PT, the Kantus will become available to earn. Then, after Live Update 2 goes out at 3pm PT, the Kantus will be available for individual purchase through the store. It'll be earnable through the Kantus Totem Challenges, or to buy for 500 Iron or as part of the Free for All bundle for Operation 2. The Kantus Totem Challenges are listed below:
  • Earn 60,000 XP playing Versus, Horde or Escape with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Get 300 Eliminations with Locust Weapons with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Revive 75 Teammates with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Get 100 Assists in Versus with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Complete 6 Acts of Escape on Advanced difficulty or above with the Kantus Totem equipped
The title update also brings some improvements to the Gnasher. The Coalition team undertook an
investigation into the issues plaguing it, and found a root cause, the calculations for Gnasher bullet magnetism, a mouse issue, and a rarer issue. Title Update 4 includes some fixes for these issues, but it doesn't seem as though the improvements will stop with this update, as the Coalition say there's more to come in the future. These Gnasher improvements also won't be available until Live Update 1. There's also updates to the Icebound map: changes to the layout, to remove the mantle cover at the top of every tower slope slide, changes to weapon layouts, frag grenades have been replaced with a dropshot, Cryo Cannon's been moved to the middle of the ice, and Boltoks have been replaced with Enforcers, among other changes.

What's Up

The Title Update 4 notes also show the Omen updates: there's now a new Simple Omen option, which takes away damage information from the edges of the screen, and a reduction in overall redness for the Immersive Omen, among other changes. There's also gameplay updates, such as an added 0.25 second delay between firing and melee, and general fixes and improvements. The new mini Lunar New Year Versus event brings an FFA version of Golden Gun for 14 players, in which 108 kills rewards you with the Year of the Rat blood spray and the Golden Gun Boltok Weapon skin. Logging in on January 25th gets players the Lunar New Year Banner and Mark. The new Hive, The Line, takes players down a railway line against Shielded Dropshot Scions, Healing Buzzkill Scions, Mulcher Scions, and Ghosted Ice Scions. Lastly, the Locust Bolter is the new skin in the store.

Overall, there's a lot being added to this update. Yet the player response, particularly on Twitter, is decidedly mixed. Most seem angered that the Bolter has been locked behind a paywall, needing 500 iron to get it. Gears fans seem to have spent a long time waiting for the Bolter to return, and are angry that they'll now have to buy it. Some seem to feel that themed, festive skins like the Year of the Rat loadout set, should be available to earn, not just to buy. Others seem disappointed by the lack of new maps. What do you think? Does the latest Gears 5 update bring the content you were hoping for? Let us know in the comments!

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