TrueAchievements Game of the Decade: Staff round-up

By Sam Quirke,
We're very, very close to sharing the results of our community Game of the Decade poll, but before we get there, we wanted to make sure that our fantastic volunteers had a chance to talk about their personal favourites. To start with though, we're giving some extra room to Mr. TA himself, who has four games he considers to be his best of the 2010s – in no particular order.

Rich's favourite games of the decade

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 Achievements

"The best racing series ever made somehow managed to improve with every release throughout the decade. While setting the game in the UK lost some of the geographical diversity of Australia, the addition of seasons added a different and welcome variety of gameplay.

Wonderful handling and difficulty settings that made it easy to have a proper hard-fought race right through until the last corner, FH4 has given me more punch-the-air moments than any other game. And if you don’t feel like racing, it’s a game so full of fun collectibles and progression, you can pick it up and play for just a few minutes and still feel like you’ve achieved something. Plus, the LEGO Champions Expansion was just perfection."

Titanfall 2

"First person shooter campaigns just don’t come better than this. The contrast of pilot and titan gameplay, along with some great level design, help to keep the action completely fresh throughout every one of the game’s 9 missions. The environments are varied and spectacular, the weapons have weight, and they even managed to give me feels for a robot.

The only thing wrong with this game was the marketing plan, which may have ended up destroying any chance of a second sequel, which IMO would be a bit of a travesty."

Sleeping Dogs

12/3/13 Year of the Snake 2

"More GTA-inspired goodness, but with a killer plot line that had you playing both gangster AND po-po as an undercover cop in Hong Kong. Brilliant and intuitive combat and gun play, with an amazing city to explore and great set piece missions, this game pulled me in and didn’t let me go until i’d completed it (a rare thing for me!).

There’s an achievement for killing someone with a fish, and who can forget the Pork Bun guy?"

Peggle 2

"The best puzzle game ever made, almost entirely down to the music that plays when you complete a level. Just enough randomness to make it difficult, but not so much that you feel cheated, Peggle 2 took all the cool stuff from the original and made it loads better. Tons of additional challenge levels and some decent DLC characters, Peggle 2 is puzzle perfection."

Games of the Decade – Volunteer Picks

Here's a roundup of the games our volunteer staff submitted to me for their Games of the Decade.

BulletLukey, Game Info Editor and Store Integration Manager

ME2 characters

"This is a hard one, as there are so many great games that came out in that decade, however, there is one game that I think just comes out on top, and that would be Mass Effect 2. It is a great game and an excellent sequel to the first game. It removes the complexity and the grind of the first game, and adds a lot of cool new additions, like the Interrupt system. And of course, we can now romance Tali, which a lot of players wanted to do in the first game wink. This is a game that you can replay multiple times (with a different experience too) and still enjoy."

MichalKV, Game Info Editor


"For me the Game of the Decade is maybe strangely Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition. I was 14 when the game was first released (1998) and I remember it as one of my first experiences with the RPG genre. Thanks to this game I fell in love with this genre and I still enjoy most of the RPG games - especially the ones that were successors to the original Baldurs Gate. I was so happy when they re-released the game in 2012 for PC and then last year for consoles. I still remember fondly the great storyline and all the great characters, each with backstory and personality of its own. It absolutely does not matter if the character was a hero or a villain, each one of them was memorable in a very unique way. Although it is not on par graphically with the current AAA releases, it still looks very good (at least to me, maybe it is nostalgia speaking :D). I have replayed the hell of it on PC and I am looking forward to play it on console again, as I will probably never get tired replaying it, although I have sunk literally 1000s of hours into it already."

Itzz Sh0wt1m3, Walkthrough Supervisor

Erosion 2

"I've played over 1200 different games since I got my first xbox 360 in 2010. It was therefore not as easy to choose my favourite game of the decade as it is to choose my favourite meal. One of the games which is definitely at the top is Modern Warfare 3. Even after getting all achievements in the main game I kept playing this game with a buddy of mine, speedrunning the spec ops missions and trying to earn MOABs in PvP. I also had a blast playing Ruse. I wasn't that much into RTS games at the time, but came across the trailer by accident and I was hooked immediately. Some of the missions were difficult for me at first, but I gradually started to understand the game's mechanics and became better at the game, eventually completing it a little over a year later.

Last but not least, I also wanted to mention Destiny and Gears of War 4. Before starting it, I had low expectations for both games due to them supposedly taking 200 hours or more to complete. Regardless, friends got me motivated to start them both and I started to enjoy both of them, sometimes playing up to 8 hours a day. It didn’t cross my mind once that I was spending so long on a single game, but enjoyed every second of it."

Nighthawk205, Game Info Editor


"Despite loving my 360 and One over the past decade, I’ve always played PC games way too much for my own good and no game has won over my free time like Euro Truck Simulator 2 (PC, 2012). After a long day at work, I often find myself not wanting to deal with the stress of an online game or an immersive RPG (those games are for the weekends!). ETS2 really lets me unwind and relax while I drive around and put on some music or a podcast. Driving a truck all over the European continent and making deliveries sounds incredibly boring, however it lets me turn my brain off for a bit and mostly zone out.

With plenty of customization of vehicle parts (some parts are better for long-hauls, heavier trailers, etc), aesthetic choices (ranging from paint schemes on your cab, including professional artwork, to little toys inside your cab, such as a car from Rocket League), and even RPG elements (you get xp for each successful delivery, where level-ups allow you to take on higher paying jobs, make deliveries that are farther away, get more efficient gas mileage, etc), the game has plenty of ways to keep you occupied when you want to be a bit more active. I’ve played ETS2 for nearly 1,000 hours (and bought a wheel and Oculus Rift to be even more immersed in the game!) and fully expect that I’ll play for hundreds of more hours going forward as well."

ManicMetalhead, Moderator and Walkthrough Supervisor


"There's been a huge number of games that I've loved playing and discovering this past decade. While there have been so many huge AAA games that I've played and loved, like BioShock Infinite, I also picked up a love of indie games of all shapes and sizes which I'd not paid much attention too previously, such as Guacamelee and Snake Pass.

However, my game of the decade has to be SMITE. I found the game via my love of ancient civilisations and ancient gods and it is now one of my most played games of all time (equal with Rome Total War). There are always toxic elements to this style of game, but nothing was ever able to put me off. It's a game that I've always found myself wanting to play, and I enjoy the constant influx of new gods, learning how to play them and how they affect the rest of the game."

Piston Toyota, Game Info Editor


"The game that came to mind was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. As a Hack 'n Slash fan and a long time fan of the Metal Gear series, this game truly felt like it was made just for me. Developer Platinum Games managed to capture the heart and soul of the series in a very different package than normal, with lots of nods and references to the legendary stealth series scattered throughout. But even for the uninitiated, fans of action games will find a lot to love here. The heights of intensity that some of the boss fights in this game soar to ensure that they'll remain memorable to me for a long time to come."

Facial La Fleur, Community Events Organizer

Mass Effect 2

"When Mass Effect 2 launched in 2010, many hardcore fans of the first entry derided the simplification of some of its deeper (read: archaic) RPG mechanics. Much to their dismay, the clumsy crafting and often overwhelming inventory management systems were nowhere to be found. With refined menus, tighter controls, and prettier graphics, this sequel had vastly improved in virtually every imaginable way. Perhaps the moment-to-moment gameplay is more akin to a third-person tactical shooter but, with its meaningful choice-driven story and moving relationship building, Mass Effect 2 very much shines as a Role Playing Game. For me, there has been no greater satisfaction in gaming history than my entire squad surviving the final Suicide Mission on the first attempt. Mass Effect 2 is not only my favorite game of the decade but, in fact, of all time."

tuhin94, Community Events Organizer

DOOM ~ SuperHeroArt

"This decade has been a mixed bag for me. It saw a sharp rise in the amount of buggy/broken games with empty promises of fixes months after launch, predatory microtransactions, misleading "expansions" and DLCs, and a needlessly high amount of disrespectful politicization.

But, there were still some bright specks of light amidst all the darkness and thankfully so since I got back into gaming in the second half of the decade. Ironically, one of those happens to be set in hell itself, that being DOOM (2016). Put it like this, if you come expecting a fancy layered cake with all sorts of intricate icing designs, this is not the game for you. But, if you want literally the best loaf of bread ever known to mankind, play this and you will be pleased... and maybe have more chest hair once you finish ripping and tearing. No other game has ever made me feel as in tune with my controller, TV, and Xbox as DOOM. The multiplayer was not as perfect, but we can look over that, right?

Halo still remains near and dear to me as more than just a video game series. Still, some part of me cannot justify placing enhanced versions of previously-released games on this list, as great as those enhanced versions are. Seriously, if you have not played Halo before, do yourself a favor and Reach out to your nearest retailer (online or physical) to get copy of MCC or play it through Game Pass."

Freamwhole, Community Events Organizer

Inside 2

"INSIDE - never has a game outwardly explained so little to me, yet told me all I need to know with haunting visuals and immersive story telling - I became so invested in this tale. The constant wave of saying to myself "Oh, I get it" to "Wait, what?" back to "Oh, okay, I see" to end with a big old "WTF?" - just awesome. Ori And The Blind Forest - I'm a big metroidvania fan, so I was onboard to start with this game. Add of the beautiful precision platforming and mobility and this game had it all for me. That doesn't even touch on the heart warming story and stunning visuals that wrap this game up as a wonderful experience that I eager anticipate the sequel to. What Remains Of Edith Finch - while this certainly is a short experience overall, the game offered up something that was immensely surprising for a such a contained game - variety. Each reveal of the Finch family exhibited different and unique gameplay that showed some eerie, chilling, and memorable moments (one in particular involving fish - you know). The game crossed genres and styles. It told a narrative in such an interesting way that continues to dwell in my subconscious."

Shadow Kisuragi, Game Info Manager

Apex Legends Update 2/15/19

"My pick will likely be echoed by a few of my TrueTrophies staff members, but my choice for Game of the Decade is Apex Legends. Apex Legends is something many of us on the Game Information staff were interested in, as it provided a free team-based Battle Royale game. Many of us had never played a Battle Royale game, and the team aspect would allow us to bring in people that weren't comfortable with Shooters. It's one of the very few games that we've had staff from both sites play on their opposing consoles together, has re-introduced online multiplayer to some of our staff members, and to this day we're still excited to get teams together and follow updates to the game. Bring back King's Canyon, EA!"

Slayer Reigning, Community Events Organizer

gears of war 3

"Let me start by saying narrowing my favorite game of the decade to a single game was tough. There are many games I've played that I've enjoyed, putting countless hours into. I picked a game that I continued to play many more hours, even after obtaining all achievements. That game is Gears of War 3. Anyone who knows me, knows that the Gears series is by far my favorite series among many others. So my choice should bring no surprise. I spent many late nights playing with several of my best friends that I met back between Gears 1 and Gears 2. We're still friends today and many great memories of those friendships took place on this game. It was a great finish to the original Gears trilogy, had a blast of a multiplayer, and received a swell amount of content support post launch. Here's to the next decade of Gears titles!"

We'll be back very, very soon with the final results of TrueAchievements' Game of the Decade, as voted for by the community.
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