Project xCloud sees 1.75 times more usage in South Korea over both the UK and USA

By Sean Carey,
Microsoft and SK Telecom have announced that they will expand the Project xCloud Preview in South Korea. As of today, anyone can now join the Preview (providing you're in South Korea) and the game library is set to increase from a total of 29 games to 85, with 50 receiving Korean subtitles or voice-overs.

Microsoft Project xCloud south Korea

Microsoft also released some information about South Korea's usage of Project xCloud compared to those in the USA and UK. Those in the preview have been spending an average of 1.75 times more time gaming and also revisited the service three times more compared to participants in the United States and the United Kingdom. This is more than likely down to South Korea's somewhat already established 5G network infrastructure, which offers fantastic wireless speeds for cloud gaming and South Korea being known for its fascination with mobile games. According to market research firm, Newzoo, more than half of South Korea's population plays games on their smartphones. In 2018, Koreans spent a total of $5.6 billion on mobile games alone.

Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Project xCloud, said, "Our partnership with SK Telecom has played a valuable role in helping Microsoft reach new, mobile-first gamers while also learning more about delivering high-quality game streaming through 5G networks. As we enter the next phase of our preview in Korea, it is critical for us to have a strong partnership with a respected company like SK Telecom to push the technology forward."

Vice president and head of 5GX service business division of SK Telecom, Jeon Jin-soo added, "We are confident that 5G cloud gaming will shift the paradigm in the video game industry. "We will continue to make efforts to provide the world’s best cloud gaming services to Korean gamers."

If you want to know more about Microsoft's streaming service, you can check out our article that details everything we know about Project xCloud, including how to get access to the preview.

Source: SK Telecom
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