Get two Sea of Thieves gifts by playing the Legends of the Sea update before tomorrow

By Heidi Nicholas,
Sea of Thieves reached a landmark when the game surpassed ten million players. To celebrate this achievement, Rare are giving out two limited edition in-game gifts: the X Marks the Spot sails and emote. They're giving these to all players who take part in the Legends of the Sea update before 4pm GMT tomorrow, January 22nd. To clarify, playing the Legends of the Sea before tomorrow will qualify players for the gifts, but you won't receive them until February's content update arrives.

X Marks the Spot

Legends of the Sea is the new content update for the game. It's got a big focus on player immortalisations; the easter eggs hidden throughout the game which mark player accomplishments. There's a new NPC for this, Umbra, who provides players with rumours about deeds and legends of famous pirates. Locating and uncovering them will reward players with new tattoo sets, commendations, and titles. Gilded Voyages are back, with the option to get double gold rewards if you decide to take them to the excavation site on The Reaper's Hideout instead of to a Trading Company. There's also new Ashen cosmetics to be earned in return for finding all five Tomes of Fire. There's an added incentive here for achievement hunters, as the Legends of the Sea achievement list is particularly tome-heavy. The content update has a number of changes, including a new variant of Reapers chests, a new Lunar Festival Collection, new cosmetics, and new emotes.

Earlier in January, Rare also gave players the much-requested option to opt out of cross-play in Adventure mode. This change was a long time coming; it had been discussed back at the beginning of 2019, tested with the Insider Program over the holidays, and finally implemented at the beginning of 2020. Opting out of cross-play was already an option in Arena mode, and it gives players who are, for instance, playing on a console with a controller, the chance to choose to only play with other console and controller players, instead of against mouse and keyboard players. With the news that Sea of Thieves has reached its ten million players landmark, the opting out of cross-play, and the constant content updates, it seems Rare are heading into 2020 on a strong note. We're yet to hear anything about Rare's other, brand-new IP, Everwild, which is being worked on by a new and separate team existing side by side with the Sea of Thieves team. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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