Photo mode is now available in Red Dead 2's Story Mode for Xbox One players

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rockstar have now made all of Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode updates, which were previously only available on PlayStation, PC and Stadia, available for Xbox One players. This includes the photo mode, bounty hunter missions, horse breeds, and more. Rockstar are also making new content available for Red Dead Online Xbox players, including new clothing items, emotes, and the Beaver Hollow Hideout of the Murfree Brood.

Alongside the photo mode, Rockstar are making the rest of the story mode updates available to Xbox players, including:

  • 3 Story Mode Bounty Hunter Missions
  • 2 Story Mode Gang Hideouts
  • 2 Story Mode Treasure Maps
  • “To The Ends of The Earth” Story Mode Mission
  • 4 Weapons
  • 7 Horse Breeds
  • 5 Hidden Trinkets
Meanwhile, the new clothing items available for Red Dead Online are the Salizzo Double Bandolier, the Rulfo Boots, the Starrett Hat and the Gordillo Half-Chaps. The new emotes are the Hat Flick, Howl, Jovial Laugh, Subtle Wave, and You vs Me. Rockstar have also brought out their usual bonuses and benefits update. This week, there's 30% discounts on all Weapon Barrels, Sights, and Scope and Stock Upgrades (aside from Metal Engravings) and discounts on Pamphlets from the Fence (the recipes used to craft items like ammo for Fire Arrows, or medicines like the Special Horse Reviver). Rockstar are also offering any players who manage to reach Rank 10 before January 27th the chance to get an offer for 30% off a weapon of their choice. Those who reach Rank 20 before the same date will get an offer for 30% off a horse. Visiting Josiah Trelawney or Sean McGuire and taking up Free Roam Missions, or engaging in A Land of Oppurtunity with Horley, will get players a 50% XP Boost. There's also more benefits again for Twitch Prime members who link their Rockstar Social Club Account, in the form of an extra 10% discount, and the Collector's Bag and the Polished Copper Moonshine Still for free.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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