E3 2011: Halo: CE Remake AND Halo 4 Confirmed

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
We brought it to you as a rumor. One attractive, articulate, funny Newshound even wrote an opinion about it back in December. Today, Microsoft has confirmed that they are remaking Halo: Combat Evolved to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of its initial release. Dubbing it, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary the entire campaign has been remastered (with what appears to be the Halo: Reach engine... assassinations were featured).

Microsoft focused on three, main points for Anniversary:

* Fully remastered campaign
* Co-op over Xbox LIVE
* Seven of the most popular Multiplayer maps, all of the remastered, of course.

The best news is that Microsoft is getting all of this to you soon. How soon you ask? How does November 15th, 2011 sit with you? This is a rhetorical question: the desired answer is, "That's awesome!"

Furthermore, Microsoft closed their E3 press conference by pulling back the curtain on the next NEW iteration of the box's favorite, proprietary shooter. Halo 4 is now OFFICIALLY in existence and due Holiday 2012. Microsoft has also confirmed that this is the beginning of a new TRILOGY featuring Spartan John-117, aka Master Chief.

Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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