Microsoft Rewards offering £5 and £10 Xbox Gift Cards for 20% fewer points

By Heidi Nicholas,
Microsoft currently has a 20% reduction in the Rewards points needed to get both the £5 and £10 Xbox Gift Cards. This deal lasts until the 12th of February — or until they run out of supplies.

Microsoft Hot Deal

Microsoft Rewards is a free service, and you can get points for a variety of actions: shopping from the Microsoft Store, searching on Bing, and doing things like quizzes and polls. One of their more popular ways to earn points, however, are their Xbox Game Pass quests. In these challenges, players have to complete various Xbox Game Pass related actions, like unlocking achievements, in return for rewards points. These points can then be redeemed against things like an extra month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Store credit, donations to charities, entries into sweepstakes, or, like now, for Xbox Gift Cards. The quests can be game specific or more general. We've compiled a list of January's Xbox Game Pass quests, where, for instance, you can complete a game-specific challenge by unlocking two achievements in The Witcher 3 for 200 points, or a more general challenge, such as unlocking three achievements in ID@Xbox games for 300 points.

Microsoft's current 20% reduction in the points needed for these Xbox Gift Cards means you won't have to earn as many as usual to redeem them. Instead of earning 6,300 points for the £5 gift card, the 20% off means it's now worth 5,000 points instead. Likewise, the £10 gift card now requires 10,000 points to redeem instead of 12,600.

Microsoft say the deal will end on February 12th. Don't forget to check here for our roundup of January's Xbox Game Pass quests, as a way to earn both achievements and Microsoft Rewards points at the same time.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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