id Software compare Doom Eternal's difficulty scaling to that of Mario Kart

By Heidi Nicholas,
As Doom Eternal's March 20th release date draws closer, we're starting to get regular waves of information — about the game's size, the fact there'll be double the demons, and, apparently, a comparison to Mario Kart.

The Marauder

Speaking to US Gamer, Creative Director Hugo Martin said that what he liked in Mario Kart was that all that changed between difficulty levels was speed. "In Mario Kart if I play on easy, it's the slowest setting. I mean, I'm still needing to power slide. I still need to use my resources. I still need to do all the same things; hit the jump the same way", he says, adding that "The only difference is that on the hardest setting, it's just way f***ing faster...So I think that's our goal," he concludes. id Software seem to be hoping to increase the replayability options for the game. "The only thing that changes is the number of decisions you're being asked to make per second and the number of mistakes you're allowed to make... So the game that you play, if you drop down to easy, is basically the same exact game, the same exact combat loop", Martin said. "You're gonna be doing the same exact things that you would be doing on Nightmare. The only thing is to just be doing it way faster." He emphasises that this means that "everything you learned on the lower difficulty will carry over to the next difficulty," which will in turn, he hopes, "make transitioning to higher difficulties...that much more inviting to players." It seems this vast range of difficulty will also include the return of permadeath, now in the Extra Life Mode.

DOOM Eternal E3 2019

Meanwhile, id Software Studio Director Marty Stratton recently spoke to PCGamesN at a press event to say that Doom Eternal is "double the size of Doom 2016", with "double the demons", and is the best thing" the id Software team has "ever created". “We’re really proud of this game,” Stratton said. "It’s epic; it’s the best thing we’ve ever created at the studio. Our levels are bigger than they’ve ever been, we’ve done double the amount of demons, so from beginning to end you’re gonna see and experience things that are always new. I refer to this as the game version of a page-turner book.” This bodes extremely well for the follow up to Doom 2016. We've covered everything else we know so far in more detail in this Doom Eternal roundup, but it's a first-person shooter set to release in March, where you play as the Doom Slayer: the man on a mission to repel a demonic invasion. It's set across several locations: Earth, the Martian moon Phobos, and several regions of Hell. Doom Eternal is set to release on 20th March this year.
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