Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players presented with "reset rank and unlocks" error message

By Sean Carey,
The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update rolled out last night. It added a new crossbow and gave players five new loadout slots, however, the patch didn't go as smoothly as Infinity ward might have hoped, as many players were greeted with an error message after the update that instructed players that they had to reset their ranks and unlocks.

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The error message that appeared for some users told them that their "data is corrupt or didn't download properly" and instructed players that they must reset their rank and unlocks to fix the problem. This means losing all killstreaks, configured loadouts, field upgrades and perks — in other words, all of that grinding would have been for nothing.

After the update was released and Infinity Ward was made aware of the issue, the IW team instructed those affected not to select either option and hard close the game while they worked on the issue.

After several hours, IW released a statement saying that a patch had been rolled out on the backend, removing the error message and that the issue wasn't as bad as the ominous error message made out. Players who did click "yes" would have had their stats in combat record, leaderboards, custom classes and Operators reset. Nothing on the progression side was lost, so rank XP, Battle Pass and Weapon progression, unlocks and purchases were all still intact.

Infinity Ward has said that those who selected "yes" can still play the game, but they may have to roll back any stats to a previous state, prior to the update, "We’re actively working on a fix for this, but do not have one to deploy tonight. You are still able to play the game as usual, and your progression will still track, but please be aware that once we do have a fix, we may have to roll back your stats to the state they were in prior to today’s update."

For those that selected "no" and closed the game when presented with the error prompt, IW said, "Your stats are still intact. Feel free to play as usual."

For more on the latest update including more on the new weapon loadout and a full list of patch notes, check out yesterday's article.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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