Bloober Team tease a possible >observer_ sequel

By Heidi Nicholas,
Bloober Team have posted a short clip of an "incoming call", which fans have hopefully begun to interpret as a tease for a sequel to the 2017 horror title >observer_. One fan, pausing the clip to check the binary, has spotted a message which seems to read "Daniel, are you there?". Daniel Lazarski, a neural detective, was the protagonist of the first >observer_. Bloober Team responded to the reply, saying, "Good hacks!"

>observer_ left the Xbox Games Pass service around two months ago, as if suggesting that now's a good time to start looking ahead to a new one. >observer_, a sci-fi/horror adventure game, was set in 2084, where Daniel Lazarski detective work involves hacking into the minds of his suspects with the use of the Dream Eater tool, and gathering evidence by living through their worst fears. It's a slow-burning horror played from a first-person perspective, and was very well-received by critics and players alike. It's unclear how Daniel would feature in a sequel. The binary message seems to suggest someone is reaching out to him, so perhaps the game could be played from the point of view of an entirely new protagonist.

Bloober Team are also known for their Blair Witch game, released in August last year. They're no stranger to horror and psychological thrillers, as they've also worked on the two Layer of Fear games. Blair Witch, as their most recent project, was also well-received, and considering the success of the first >observer_ game, a sequel would be in good hands with Bloober. It seems we've still got to wait for any official announcement, but so far it looks good for an Observer 2. We'll keep you updated!

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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