Stardew Valley has sold over 10 million copies worldwide

By Sean Carey,
Stardew Valley, the farming sim developed and created by a sole developer, Eric Barone has sold a huge 10 million copies since its release back in 2016.

Barone took to Twitter to celebrate, "Stardew Valley has sold over 10 million copies. It's strange & amazing to think back to when I was making this game in my bedroom with no clue if anyone would like it. Only four years ago! To everyone who has played this game, supported it and made all of this possible: Thank you!"

As reported by Dualshockers, the last known sales figures were posted on the game's press page over on the Stardew Valley website. Back in August 2019, the game had sold more than six million copies. The game was first released on PC before receiving releases on multiple platforms, including mobile. Multiplayer, which allowed players to farm and explore with their friends was eventually added in later updates.

Stardew Valley is still receiving substantial and fairly consistent updates. The latest 1.4 Update added a bunch of new endgame content and features to the game as well as various bug fixes and quality of life improvements. According to a Reddit AMA two years ago, Barone is working on a new game but hasn't revealed any information on what it could be.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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