Bethesda details the two new NPC factions coming to Fallout 76

By Heidi Nicholas,
Wastelanders is the massive update on its way to Fallout 76 with many much-needed features: human NPCs, choice and consequences, a new main quest, and new weapons and gear. Bethesda said that Year one of Fallout 76 was about opening Vault 76 and surviving and settling the wasteland, but that Year two is about people returning to Appalachia, to settle down themselves, and begin to rebuild. It seems that rumours of Appalachia are attracting various groups of people, and Bethesda has today released further details on two of these: the Settlers and the Raiders, the two main NPC factions arriving in the update.


It sounds as though the new main quest will bring you into contact with each of these factions. The Settlers are led by Paige, who used to be the head of a Construction Workers Union in Washington D. C. They're apparently a "hard-working and industrious" crew, and sound like a pretty handy group to run into in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, as they're made up mostly of "people who are well-versed in how to construct and run a city". They're looking for somewhere to settle and begin rebuilding, and followed the rumours of a safe haven in Appalachia. They seem to be pretty set with settling down, as Bethesda say they've come to a stop at Spruce Knob, where they've cleared the surrounding area, taken over the buildings already there, and begun building their new city, Foundation. Yet they seem as though they might be a little naive to the challenges Appalachia has suffered, and Bethesda say it might be beneficial to both parties if you, the player, were to find them and begin working together.


On the other side of things, the Raiders aren't just familiar with Appalachia, but used to live there. They seem resentful of others coming to claim ground that once belonged to them, so they've returned under the leadership of Meg, set up their base, Crater, at the Crashed Space Station, and are apparently ready and willing to take down anyone trying to settle on their land. Both factions will have "revamped locations" along with new vendors, crafting areas, and "plenty of people to talk to" — although Bethesda say your interactions with them will depend on your reputation there. They'll apparently be detailing this new Reputation system next week. We'll keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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