Apex Legends Season 4 will have a new Legend, a new weapon, and a new tier for Ranked

By Heidi Nicholas,
Season 4 of Apex Legends, named Assimilation,will bring with it a new weapon, a new battle pass, a change to Ranked, and a new Legend, Forge. Since Assimilation starts on the game's one year anniversary, February 4th, EA and Respawn are celebrating with an Anniversary Gift for all players who log in during the first week: a Year 1 Origami Flyer charm, a Year 1 Loyalty badge, and 10k XP for your first match of the day. The dates for Ranked Series 3 suggests that, like the previous seasons, Season 4 will run for three months, and most likely end on May 4th.

Season 4, Assimilation

The new Legend is not, as some fans expected, Revenant; it's Forge, who the dev team describe as the "exact opposite of Crypto". He's a "brawler" and the first Legend to be corporate-sponsored, by Hammond Robotics. Along with the new Legend comes a new weapon: the Sentinel, a new powerful bolt-action sniper rifle. It'll also apparently have some sort of charge mechanic, which the devs say they don't want to give too much away on, but which will give players more decision making to do. They also hint that players should expect some big changes to the World's Edge map like they did in Season 2 with King's Canyon, where they changed a big portion of the map. They say that Hammond will most likely be behind these changes in some way.

Season 4, Assimilation

EA and Respawn have also detailed the changes coming to Ranked Series 3, which starts alongside Season 4. Series 2 lasted for four months, but they've decided, for Series 3, to revert back to a three month series, split into two parts. Each part of Series 3 will have a soft reset, with all players reset by 1.5 Tiers down. Split 1 will run from February 3rd to March 23rd and be in World's Edge, whilst Split 2 will run from March 24th to May 5th and be in King's Canyon. Ranked rewards will still be given out for the highest tier you get in either split, but there'll also be exclusive animated badges for those able to make it to the same tier in both splits. They'll also be adding a new tier between Diamond and Apex Predator, called Master Tier. Players will still need 10,000 RP to make it into the Master Tier, as they would have done for Apex Predator, which is now made up of the top 500 players per platform. This means players can still be shunted down from Apex Predator if other players keep earning more RP. The rewards for Master Tier also look to be the same as Apex Predator: a badge, a weapon cosmetic, and a dive trail.

Master Tier

Meanwhile, Apex Legends's Grand Soiree Arcade Event is still going strong. It's running until January 28th, and the current limited-time mode is King's Canyon After Dark, which ends tomorrow. After that, the event will be closing out with DUMMIEs Big Day from January 26th to 28th.
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