Sky Rogue Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Sky Rogue Achievement list.

There are 26 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 3 of which are secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievements, please use this link).

Sky Rogue Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Earning Your Wings Complete mission 0 10
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 25
Ace In A Day Earn 5 air kills in one mission 25
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 25
You can be my wingman anytime Complete a mission in co-op mode 25
Top Gun Kill an enemy ace 35
Fighter Jock Kill an enemy veteran 25
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 10
Good Stick Complete a mission without taking damage 25
Good Sticks Complete a co-op mission without either player taking damage 25
Fast Mover Unlock all fighters 25
Dot Chaser Unlock all interceptors 25
Mud Mover Unlock all bombers 25
Knife Fight Kill an enemy aero at range 50 or less 10
Made It Complete the game 100
Made It Together Complete the game in co-op mode 100
Wild Blue Yonder Clear the temperate islands 25
Desert Strike Clear the arid islands 25
Snowbird Clear the snowy islands 25
Aero Superiority Unlock all technologies 50
Old School Complete the game without upgrades 100
Sky Rogue Complete the game using only the Rogue with its default loadout 100
Phyrrus Die 50 times 25
Nuclear knife fight Kill an enemy aero with a bomb 10
Xth Generation Fighter CLASSIFIED 25
Missile With A Man In It Complete the game in under 40 minutes 100
Sky Rogue is a fwooshy rogue-lite action flight simulator! Blow things up over land, sea, and air, on an infinite number of procedurally-generated islands.
Sky Rogue is developed and published by Fractal Phase.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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