Grand Appreciation Fest is now live in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Grand Appreciation Fest is a 2-year anniversary celebration of Monster Hunter: World, and involves new Layered Armour, Event Quests, and new gear. Both the Gathering Hubs of Astera, and Seliana in Iceborne, have been redecorated as part of the Appreciation and Grand Appreciation Fests, which run until February 13th.

Appreciation Fest and Grand Appreciation Fest

The Appreciation Fest in the Astera Gathering Hub has Gala Suits for armour sets, and the Felyne Star set for Palicos, along with daily free Appreciation fireworks. The Grand Appreciation Fest takes place in the Seliana Gathering Hub, for Iceborne only, and has quite a lot more to offer in terms of equipment, items, and event quests. Throughout the event, players can claim a Login Bonus and complete daily Limited Bounties for Gratitude Tickets, which can be used towards crafting different types of gear:
  • The star-covered Astral Armour, each piece of which has its own skill points. Wearing the set gives you a bonus of an increased chance to earn a different type of Grand Appreciation rewards: VIP Gratitude Tickets
  • The Felyne Space Set
  • The Sky Blue Silverwisp, a pendant to attach to weapons
  • The Snowman


The Hunter Helper system gives players the chance to earn more VIP Gratitude Tickets by helping out low or high rank hunters. These VIP tickets can be used to craft:
  • The Astral layered Armour, which lets you change its appearance whilst keeping all of the selected armour's stats, skills, and decorations
  • The Silverwisp pendants, a selection of differently coloured variants of the Sky Blue Silverwisp
  • Room Decor. There's apparently also a free set of masterpiece portraits knocking about somewhere.
Appreciation Fest and Grand Appreciation Fest

All previous Event Quests are returning as part of the Grand Appreciation Fest, along with several new ones:
  • Flora Frostbite: delivering ten Iceblooms allows players to craft the Wyverian Ears headgear
  • 50 Shades of White: Taking down a Barioth in the Arena results in special materials, which can be put towards a range of weapons
  • Beef is Never a Mi-Steak: Players have to survive a Wildspire Waste hunt to craft the Well-Done Hammer
  • A Shocking Climax: This is a special quest, which rewards monster hunters with a Unity Symbol, which can be used to craft a range of gear, including a Hammer and Palico sets, as well as to upgrade certain collaboration weapons into Master Rank.
Appreciation Fest and Grand Appreciation Fest

The Grand Appreciation Fest and the Appreciation Fest run until February 13th at 3:59pm PST/23:59 GMT. This is all part of Capcom's roadmap for Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne for the first half of 2020. In May, the content updates for console and PC will sync up with the return of a "fan-favourite monster", followed by new monsters and updates from June onward. Before that, console players have Special Event Quests coming in February, 2X Variant Monsters in March, and New Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of monsters already in the game, along with an Astera and Seliana fest.
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