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By Sam Quirke,
Games of the Decade

We've had a couple of weeks of content celebrating the 2010s in Xbox gaming – from your community voted Game of the Decade to our overwhelmingly popular #MyDecadeonXbox tool. We're finishing off with a celebration of the best TA gamers and achievement hunters of the 2010s.

Throughout the below lists we've displayed the #MyDecadeOnXbox record for the five most prolific achievement hunters in the world, according to our rankings. If you want to see your own record of the 2010s head over to the MyDecadeOnXbox page.

Players of the Decade

Biggest Gamerscore Earners in 2010-2019

Position Gamertag Gamerscore
1 smrnov 2,040,276
2 RedmptionDenied 1,999,503
3 Celtic Force 1,874,215
4 SDREW44 1,773,615
5 Stallion83 1,685,881
Players of the Decade

Biggest TrueAchievement Score Earners in 2010-2019

Position Gamertag TA Score
1 RedmptionDenied 3,722,402
2 smrnov 3,596,136
3 Celtic Force 3,193,490
4 SDREW44 3,031,005
5 Stallion83 2,845,459
Players of the Decade

Most Achievements Unlocked in 2010-2019

Position Gamertag Achievements Unlocked
1 smrnov 68,650
2 RedmptionDenied 61,521
3 Celtic Force 60,939
4 Stallion83 59,177
5 SDREW44 58,906
Players of the Decade

Most Games Completed in 2010-2019 (Including DLC)

Position Gamertag Games Completed
1 smrnov 2,170
2 Celtic Force 2,013
3 RedmptionDenied 1,600
4 SDREW44 1,472
5 lucas1987 1,438
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