Star Wars Battlefront II's remaining Rise of Skywalker content arrives this week

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Rise of Skywalker movie symbolised a big moment for Star Wars fans: not just the last of the sequel trilogy, but the end of the Skywalker saga. Star Wars Battlefront II has been getting in on this with a series of Rise of Skywalker-themed content. Some of this released last year; including a new jungle planet, four new sequel era reinforcements, and new Hero Appearances. EA are now rounding this out with another Rise of Skywalker update scheduled for January 30th, which will include two new Heroes and two new ships.

Rise of Skywalker update

Ben Walke, Global Community Lead for EA, confirmed the date on Twitter. "Next week's Star Wars Battlefront II update drops on Jan 30," he said, before quickly giving a rundown on what else is coming. "We're making some balance changes to Anakin and Palpatine. Auto Players can now hit with melee attacks, and we fixed the issue that allowed them to shoot when they should be immobile. Droideka also gets a small buff." The biggest additions coming with the update, however, are most likely the new heroes and ships. It's hard to imagine a dark side version of BB-8, or even a slightly less cheery one, but EA have done it: BB-8 will be joined as a new Hero in Battlefront II by his dark side counterpart, BB-9E.

The new ships are the Resistance's MC85 and the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. Both will be stationed above the new jungle planet added in December, and Jakku. Walke also says that "Ajan Kloss, Takodana and Jakku come to CS" on the same date of January 30th. He says that a community transmission and full release notes will be coming before the update — meaning we should be getting it in the next few days. Already added to the game as Rise of Skywalker content in December were the new jungle planet, four sequel-era reinforcements — the Infiltrator class Sith trooper, the First Order Jet Trooper, and the "Gunner" and "Spy" Resistance reinforcements — and three new Hero Appearances: Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren.

We'll let you know when EA release more details about the next update.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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