Doom Eternal's Game Director says the demons will really force players to move in combat

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In the latest for Doom Eternal, Game Director Hugo Martin has detailed some of the demons in the game; both familiar ones from previous Doom titles, and ones that have been newly designed just for Eternal. Martin talks about "the fun zone in Doom," saying that a lot of the demons are designed around it. The Fun Zone, he says, is "just like this list of activities that we know if the player is doing these things that they’re going to be having a good time." He says "moving is one of them, and prioritising targets is definitely one of them”: and certain demons reflect this, having been designed to make players move around during combat and force them to prioritise certain targets. Martin says that the Doom Eternal team wanted to bring back as many of the demons from Doom 2 as they could; “I think we’ve gotten all of them”, he said. He's got some pretty interesting comparisons for what the demons themselves remind him of; everything from a "grumpy landlord" to your own personal Darth Maul. It seems like a lot of the time, when talking about these demons, Martin gleefully says that players are going to love to hate them. It seems the Doom Eternal team are more than happy to pressure players, as long as the player gets something out of it; learning or enjoyment. The trailers for Doom Eternal have already confirmed Imps, Mancubuses, Cyberdemons and Pinkies; have a look below to see some of the other demons that'll be in the game.

Old demons

  • Pain Elemental. Described as a strong, heavy unit and a "real bullet sponge", this demon was first seen in Doom II, and has been beefed up graphics-wise to suit Doom Eternal's status as a AAA game. Of this terrifying demon, Martin fondly remarks that it makes him think of “a grumpy old man". He "just looks very crotchety," Martin says, "kind of like a grumpy landlord.”
  • Arachnotron. This one shoots grenades out of its side canisters, has a gun on its head, and can stick to ceilings. It's that gun which will be the trickiest part. “We tuned that thing to be crazy… we really want to pressure the player with this attack, and we want you to hate that thing”, Martin says. The Arachnotron is "like a mobile turret", and apparently a key tip for players would be to take out the turret, which will completely change the way the Arachnotron behaves; it'll then only be able to drop grenades. Some of the glory kills will apparently also let players stick it in the eye with its own arms.
  • Archvile. It's an elusive demon with the ability to shoot fire waves. Apparently, the Doom Eternal team “definitely knew from the very beginning that we wanted to bring him back.” Martin says that whilst the Summoner in Doom 2016 was basically the Archvile for that game, that this time it’s the real one. They've kept its functions and the way it poses pretty much the same as an homage to the original. “He’s going to be one of the guys you love to hate”, Martin says happily.
  • Hellified Soldier: They've adjusted the model for this one to make it look more like the original. Like before, Martin says this one's still basically fodder to be farmed for resources, but it'll have a strong melee swipe.
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New demons

  • Whiplash. This is apparently the first female demon. It seems as though it's going to be tricky to keep an eye on this one; it drops to the floor and "slithers like a salamander" as it tries to get behind you to use its whips. “You’re gonna track this thing as soon as it comes out”, Martin says, referring to how the team wanted to encourage players to move around and prioritise certain targets. This explains why he thinks players will need to switch to a weapon that's good for tracking when dealing with this demon.
  • Tentacles. Apparently the Tentacle is not a full AI, but more of a pest-level, ambient AI. Martin acknowledges the criticism that Doom 2016 relied too much on arena combat, and said that part of the way the team have responded to this is with the Tentacle. It'll be a challenge for players in between arenas, hiding underwater or in worm holes. There's a short window to get them when they pop up out of these worm holes.
  • Marauder. Martin says that in Doom Eternal, you'll be “levelled up like a martial artist”, and that when you're a black-belt in the third act of the game, the Marauder will be like the other black-belt waiting to fight you. “You are Obi-Wan, and this is your Darth Maul”, he says.
  • Doom Hunter. This is another demon they're using to try and get players to move. It'll float on a hover tank, which holds some of its stronger attacks. Its upper half holds the cannon and chainsaw. Players can disable its sled to cancel his primary attacks, but it'll still hover around you.
  • Carcass. In discussing this demon, Martin went on to talk about the rocket launcher weapon, saying that it's way stronger, but on the flip side, it shoots slower and its self-damage is higher. They seem to want players to really have to think about when to use the weapon. On top of that, the Carcass has been designed to stop you using the rocket launcher. It has an electric shield, which has the ability to blow the rocket launcher up and kill the player. As a result, players will apparently have to either switch weapons or move around to avoid the shields.
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In other Doom Eternal news, Hugo Martin again popped up, this time on Facebook, to quell fears about microtransactions in the game. His comment has since been shared online. "The only thing you can unlock with XP is cosmetics", he said, adding that they don't impact how you'll play, they'll just "look cool". He further adds that "Eternal is a $60 game, not a free to play game or a mobile game - we are giving you a complete experience with no store just like you'd expect."

Doom Eternal releases on March 20th. If you're hungry for more Doom Eternal news, don't forget to check out our roundup.
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