Xbox Game Studio Double Fine is hiring for an unannounced online multiplayer game

By Sam Quirke,
Double Fine have posted three job listings this month, two for their upcoming sequel Psychonauts 2, due out at some point this year. However, the third listing is for a "Multiplayer Programmer" – a role that will be linked to an as-yet-unnannounced game. Given that Double Fine is now an Xbox Game Studio, this will likely be an exclusive and at least optimised for Xbox Series X, if not designed specifically for it.

Double Fine

The listing calls for an immediate, permanent hire of a Multiplayer Network Programmer at the studio in San Francisco. The position will be responsible for the "design, development and maintenance of server architecture, and gameplay features for an online multiplayer game".

It's possible that the game will not be entirely multiplayer focused based on some of the wording, which talks about "implementing and supporting key multiplayer gameplay features". It seems that the game will use Unreal Engine 4,

Applicants should have a strong preference for working in a highly creative, innovative, and nimble development environment, where collaboration with design, art, tech, production, and other disciplines is standard.

Knowledge or experience with the Unreal Engine is a strong plus, as is previous experience supporting game features and/or development tools. Good problem solving skills, the ability to work well and communicate effectively with others, and a passion for the process of developing creative, high-quality games are all key qualifications. The desired applicant should have "development experience on the current generation of consoles, particularly Xbox One", though the hire should also have "enthusiasm to develop for next gen consoles".

It's not a lot to go on, but it does mark yet another Xbox Game Studios acquisition potentially pivoting from single player to multiplayer for their first official project under the brand, joining Obsidian's Grounded and Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge.

Double Fine aren't total strangers to multiplayer, either – Iron Brigade and The Cave both featured co-op, the former online, and Brutal Legend had online multiplayer. However, it's hard to say that multiplayer has been their strong suit in the past. Here's hoping a fresh hire and direct assistance from Xbox will help to make this new project great.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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