"Into the Jungle" brings a new map, weapons, and character to Battlefield V next week

By Heidi Nicholas,
Chapter 6 of Battlefield V, Into the Jungle, will let players "experience another side to the Pacific Theater". It starts next week on February 6th and introduces a new map, character, guns, and gadgets into the game,

Along with Into the Jungle comes a new map: Solomon Islands. It's a narrow, intense close-quarter map encompassing the beaches, rivers, jungle, and hidden bunkers, and causing difficulties for infantry and tanks. As the Americans, players will be pushing up from the beach and working into the jungle towards a final flag. The developers say it's a map designed for jungle infantry combat and land and sea vehicular warfare, where defenders can remain hidden, and attackers can flank or send in infantry or landing boats. It can be played in Breakthrough, Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Death Match. It's been made by the same team as worked on Lockers and Argonne Forest, and Community Manager Adam Freeman says to "expect a grind" in some places.

Chapter 6: Into the Jungle

There'll be three new weapons and two gadgets available as Chapter Rewards, to be earned with Chapter XP and by reaching certain Chapter Ranks. The Support class is getting the Type 11 LMG and the Model 37 shotgun, whilst Assault players will be getting the M2 Carbine automatic rifle. The gadgets are the M1A1 Bazooka, to be used as a long range weapon against tanks, and the Lunge Mine. There's going to be three new Elites. Misaki Yamashiro is an assault specialist, skilled at close-quarter combat with her Commando Machete. Since EA are changing their Rank Rewards a little, Misaki won't be purchasable in the Armory, but will be unlocked by reaching Chapter Rank 40 before Chapter 6 ends. Pilot Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto will apparently be coming later in the chapter. Players will be earning gear, including new emblems, weapon skins, and uniforms by climbing through the Chapter Ranks.

Chapter 6, Into the Jungle, starts next week on February 6th.
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Written by Heidi Nicholas
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