Call of Duty: World at War DLC

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
With the first World at War Map Pack making "record sales" (notice the quotes), they are finally set to release their second Map Pack some time in June.

The map pack will include three new multiplayer maps, including: "Banzai", a map in which players fight for control of a river bridge; "Corrosion", a run-down Russian train yard, and "Sub Pens", a close-quarters map.

Also included in the Map Pack is a brand new Zombies map. The map, titled "Shi No Numa" (or "Zombie Swamp"), will include once-killed Japanese troops rising up to attack players again, traps, flaming Hell Hounds, more perk machine action, and the new "Wunderwaffe DG-2".

You might be saying to yourself: "Why won't this jerk just tell me about the new achievements?!"

10 total achievements will be released along with the Map Pack, yet no details have been revealed on how to unlock them or even the total gamerscore for the whole grouping. The cost of the Map Pack is also yet to be revealed.

I'll keep you posted, TA!
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