Overcooked! 2's Spring Festival makes it to Xbox One

By Heidi Nicholas,
The free Spring Festival update came out for Overcooked! 2 last week. It hit an unexpected snag on release however, and whilst it made it to the Switch, PS4, and PC, it wasn't available on Xbox. Almost a week later, Ghost Team Games and Team 17 have managed to correct the update, and it's releasing now for the Xbox One as well.

Spring Festival

The update is free, and like Overcooked! 2's other content updates, brings a lot of new additions to the game. There's two new chefs: the Rat chef (to celebrate the Year of the Rat) and the Turtle chef. There's also five new levels, all themed around the Spring Festival. It seems players will be contending with a dragon in at least one of these, as the trailer shows it winding through the levels and, in a favourite move of the Overcooked! games, cutting off access to half the room in the process. Presumably, this means that players will again have to plan who's going to be on which side of the room and doing what, before they both get trapped in by the dragon. The dim sum, hot pot and fruit platter recipes will all be returning to the menu.

Spring Festival

Overcooked! 2 regularly gets new or themed updates, usually filled with a good chunk of content. Winter Wonderland was the last update to arrive in the game before Spring Festival, and served both as a festive-themed update and as a celebration of all of the DLC which came before. It was also free, and like Spring Festival, it had new levels and chefs.

Also celebrating the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rat are Overwatch and Rocket League. Overwatch's Lunar New Year event has already been running for a few weeks, and doesn't end until February 5th. The event includes new skins, emotes, player icons, and other features, along with limited-time game modes. Meanwhile, Rocket League's Lunar New Year event, Lucky Lanterns, runs still longer, ending on February 10th. Overcooked 2!'s Lunar New Year event seems to be a permanent addition.

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass
Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass

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