Stranded Deep could release for consoles by the end of March

By Heidi Nicholas,
Stranded Deep has been stranded indeed; with the game being pushed back and delayed several times over the last year or so. Now, we have another console release date (albeit a tentative one) for the end of March/the beginning of April.

Stranded Deep, Beam Team's survival game, was originally intended to come to consoles in October 2018. It was then delayed indefinitely, due to Telltale Games entering liquidation. Telltale Games had been publishing Stranded Deep, so the developers were understandably in deep water when the news hit. They said the game had been on schedule before then, but weren't sure when they'd next have news on a release date. The next we heard of it was that Beam Team had been hoping to release Stranded Deep onto consoles by the end of last year, but had come across a number of issues. There were 3rd party delays caused by the fact that the game title was registered by the old publisher, and Beam Team had to work on getting it back to them. Then, they said their goal of late 2019 wouldn't give them enough time needed for QA and submission. Stranded Deep was then pushed back to January or February this year. Beam Team has now given us another update: Stranded Deep has been pushed back further, and now has a very tentative release date of the end of March, or, if it needs to be pushed back again, the beginning of April.

Console update: Everyone involved in both development and publishing has been working hard and pushing forward any way we can. Right now, there's some delays out of our control. It's been killing us that we haven't been able to reply to you all with some new news or a release date. We have a great community and we know a lot of you are hanging out for console news. We want to be as transparent and open as we can about the process with our community - it's important to us. As of today, the console release is tentatively planned for for the end of March; which could honestly push back few weeks into beginning of April.
They don't give too many details on the delays or what's causing them, but they do say they're now self-publishing the game alongside North Beach Games. "TL/DR: It's definitely coming to consoles; development is going great, but the logistics are killing us right now. Hold tight!"

It's been a while since we've had any news about the game, so if you've forgotten what it's about: the player is, presumably, the sole survivor of a plane crash, and are stranded somewhere far across the Pacific Ocean. The game revolves around crafting, scavenging, and exploring the vast ocean around them. There does seem to be a pretty key difference between this and other survival games in that surviving and building anew isn't the only end goal; the player can also apparently take the survivor home. Stranded Deep is now expected to release at the end of March or the beginning of April.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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