Fallen Order has already sold more than EA were expecting for the whole financial year

By Heidi Nicholas,
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has already surpassed the sales EA were hoping to see for the fiscal year. In their latest earnings call, the company praises both Fallen Order and Star Wars Battlefront II as their high quality Star Was titles, and notes the success of Apex Legends as contributing to their strong performance in Q3 of the fiscal year.

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"Our portfolio of Star Wars games across all platforms has never been stronger", said Andrew Wilson, Chief Executive Officer. "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was the action adventure game that fans were looking for this holiday season. Respawn delivered an expertly crafted high-quality experience with outstanding gameplay", he says, adding that "In addition to Jedi: Fallen Order, the quality of the Star Wars Battlefront II experience is shining through as well".

EA have stated that their overall revenue and earnings for Q3 were higher than what they expected, partly because of the combined efforts of Apex Legends and their two Star Wars titles. In particular, the sales for Fallen Order had been significantly better than they'd expected. Blake Jorgensen, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer said sales had been forecast at "6 million to 8 million units for the fiscal year", but the company now anticipates to hit 10 million by the fiscal year's end in March – "a very strong result for a single-player action game".

October 30th update

Battlefront II may have had a rocky reception at first, but EA have consistently shored it up with regular updates and content over the past few years. The game's kept up to date with developments in the Star Wars universe; its next update will bring in the rest of the Rise of Skywalker content to tie in with the final movie instalment of the Skywalker saga, and is just waiting for an issue to be resolved before releasing. Along with characters, content and heroes from the prequels and original trilogy, players will also be able to play as BB-8 or his dark side equivalent from the sequels.

Rise of Skywalker update

We've not yet had word of a sequel for Fallen Order, or DLC for the current game, and EA are still pretty cagey about it. Wilson described Respawn as "one of the most creative teams in our company and certainly in the industry" and that they're "thinking about where to take this journey next...We're excited by what we're going to come up with."

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review

Aside from the effusive Star Wars praise, EA also had a lot of good things to say about their popular battle-royale title, Apex Legends. Wilson said that they plan on expanding the "Apex universe" further "with more ways to play and watch" and there's "excitement in the esport community for the Apex Legends global series that is now underway".

Revenant Season 4

Apex Legends has been taking players by surprise recently. Planned as a twist, or perhaps out of frustration at the leaks Apex Legends constantly experiences, the team debuted Forge as the new Legend for Season 4, before abruptly killing him off, and then replacing him as the new Season 4 Legend with Revenant, who many fans had been hoping for in the first place..

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