TA Playlist is live for February 2020 with Gears of War 3

By TA Playlist,
Welcome back, TA! The second month of the newly managed TA Playlist is now live. After a poll focusing on the greatest Xbox bromances in gaming, Gears of War 3 narrowly beat its opponents with only a handful of votes splitting the top three games.

The Best Games on Xbox Game Pass

With over 288,000 community members having the game on their tag, and a TA score of 4.44 out of 5.00, it’s fair to say that Gears 3 is a well-loved game, but a full completion will take some serious time, especially for Seriously 3.0. If you do come up against any other tough Gears of War 3 achievements, we do have a decent walkthrough that should help out if you get a little stuck.

Join Marcus, Dom and the other Gears two years after the end of The Locust War with the entire civilisation scattered and many casualties. While Dom is suffering from a recent loss and Marcus struggles with some daddy issues, a new enemy shows up bigger than the Locust. Time is running out for Delta Squad in the spectacular finale of one of the most celebrated sagas.

So join us once again in the TA Playlist Hub this month as we discuss Gears of War 3 (which may inevitably touch on the rest of the series as well). As always, you can participate by adding the game to your tag by popping an achievement, or if you’ve already finished it, by adding a comment in the forums. And good luck to all of you completionists along the way! May your stats never be reset (again).